Ultra-portable Game Changers: Huawei’s MateBook Family Dominates 2021 PC Market

We now live in a world where remote working and learning arrangements are the norm, and the need for a capable productivity machine has become more important than ever. Such demand has led to remarkable growth in the PC industry in the last few years, with Huawei leading the charge by refining its laptop offerings with every subsequent release.

These refinements always adhere to the MateBook Family “DNA”, which consists of three core factors: aesthetics, innovation, and intelligence. It only takes one glance at the 2021 lineup - the MateBook X Pro, MateBook 14, and MateBook D15 -- to see why at-home professionals and students alike prefer Huawei in their workspaces:

The Huawei MateBook X Pro 2021 embodies what fashionable power users demand from a personal machine - an exquisite balance of sophistication and flagship performance. With the MateBook 14 2021, ultra-portability and touchscreen functionality share the limelight, while maintaining superb computing power. Youthful energy exudes from the MateBook D 15 2021 meanwhile, providing excellent value for younger users with a plethora of smart features and clever design touches.
All these MateBooks flourish in their respective segments, but Huawei made sure that they shared the brand’s pioneering innovations between each other. Here are the top features that distinguish MateBooks as a cut above the competition:
Acing aesthetics: Lightweight yet premium exteriors
MateBooks definitively dispelled the myth that office machines can’t be stylish. This is particularly evident in every MateBook’s premium finish, lightweight-yet-durable materials, and slender portability. Emphasis on portability, as MateBooks are barely the size of an A4 sheet, and light enough to be forgotten (don’t, though) in a day bag and the like.
FullView Display: All-day eye candy
Making the leap from its popular smartphone lineup, Huawei’s patented FullView Display technology offers unparalleled visual immersion on the MateBooks. Scaling up the FullView Display proved successful in making MateBooks the ideal choice for creative and entertainment purposes, but that doesn’t mean productivity can’t benefit from a vibrant and eye-friendly spreadsheet or slide presentation.
Huawei Share and the magic of cross-device compatibility
Through some smart software development and AI-powered wizardry, Huawei managed to imbue MateBooks with exceptional connectivity with other Huawei devices. Using Huawei Share’s sync features, it’s entirely possible (and hassle-free) to work with multiple screens on one big task, or divide and conquer separate tasks across several devices without missing a beat. These features include drag-and-dropping files between screens, accessing mobile apps on the laptop, and so much more.
Given such cutting-edge possibilities, no wonder power users and casual techies alike gravitate towards Huawei’s brand of innovation. It’s no coincidence that the MateBook line’s immense popularity in the PC market correlate to its elegant balance of sleek design, powerful features, and smart compatibility with other devices.
The HUAWEI MateBook Family 2021 is a highly promising lineup of laptops that continues to entice more and more Filipinos to start investing in the best MateBook for their needs. Get the Huawei MateBook Family 2021 now! Check out the MateBook X Pro 2021 at PHP 89,999, MateBook 14 2021 at PHP 64,999, and MateBook D 15 2021 at PHP 31,999 (10th gen/i3) and PHP 48,999 (11th gen/i5) via online Huawei Store, Shopee, Lazada, Huawei Experience Stores and IT Channels like Abenson, Gigahertz, or Silicon Valley.

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