Samsung Launches Innovative AI-Powered Washer Dryers

Laundry days are almost never enjoyed by anyone. It’s tiring, never-ending, especially if the home doesn’t have the right tools and, of course, supplies. Aside from having a properly stocked laundry room, it’s also essential to have the right machines to simplify the laundry routine.

One of the most important tools at home is the washing machine. While there are fancy washing machines that come with multiple settings, having one that can handle various problems such as spot and stain removal and speed cleaning, can make the task much less dreadful. With today’s technology, washing machines can do the laundry with no need for homeowners to exert too much effort.

For more personalized washing cycles. The new Samsung combo washer dryers’ AI Control & AI Wash, can analyze and become familiar with the homeowners' laundry habits based on actual usage so that it can recommend the best washing cycles. The AI Control familiarizes itself with user preferences and uses that knowledge to suggest wash cycles - eliminating the need for users to scroll through cycles to find the right one, or to input their individualized settings each time. The AI Wash feature meanwhile, uses sensors to detect the laundry load’s weight and soilage, to determine the optimal amount of water and detergent to dispense.
For example, since one usually does heavy laundry such as sheets and towels every weekend, the washing machine then recognizes and remembers this pattern for the next heavy weekend laundry day. This machine definitely takes that extra step of having to set that cycle every time out of the things to do, making things very convenient. The more they are used, the more they learn. Plus it doesn’t even reset after every wash!
For intensive stain removal. One of the most tiresome parts of doing laundry is spot-cleaning. It involves using the right amount of detergent, treatment gels, washing in high heat and the likes. When put to the test with the toughest stains, nothing compares when using the EcoBubble™ technology. Detergent is turned into soft bubbles allowing for faster penetration to remove dirt easily even in cold water—all these while saving energy and protecting the texture and color of the fabric.
For better home multitasking. Do laundry as fast as 30 minutes with the Speed Shot—that’s as fast as finishing one episode of a Netflix show! This feature basically uses Bubble Shot and Speed Spray technologies, which are basically the washer’s “super-powers.” These powers happen in two parts: it rapidly shoots detergent-turned-bubbles to a large area of fabric, then blasts clean water into the fabric to remove detergent residue. This way, washing time is greatly reduced but without sacrificing cleaning performance.
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