Bring Home the Magic of Disney!

I can still vividly remember my first-time stepping foot inside Disneyland in Hong Kong. The place was so magical and it really brings out all the fun and joy you have in yourself. It will really make you feel like a kid chasing costumed characters, dressing up cute and nice through their boutiques and screaming from the top of my lungs as we enjoy their thrilling rides and spectacles.

But since the pandemic, we’ve been deprived of travelling to beautiful places where we could all be free and happy – like a kid. With most of us prefer to stay at home for safety, I bet that real kids are so bored doing nothing but to spend time on their gadgets.

If you want to treat your kids and brings some warmth and joy to their faces, why not try to impart them the joy of what the world of Disney brings to us?

Being a spoiler Uncle is probably one of the best things I do in my life. How could you resist saying no to a cute little girl who wants nothing but magic, fun and the joy of being a Princess. I can still remember how we dress her up with her favorite Disney Princess so that she can embodies that character.

Happy Kid

May it be Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Beauty or Snow White, I’m just happy that my niece has the love for Disney just like us. And to continue this magical tradition, as a treat to her, I’m bestowing her some cute and nice Disney merch that I found on Shopee! YES! Legit Disney merch are now available on Shopee.

Back-To-School Favorites

Since it’s already July, and I’m pretty sure that most of the parents out there are cramming to prepare their kids to go back to school – may it still be an online setup, I know that kids will still need bags where they keep their school stuff safely and neatly.

These DisneyPrincess Bags and Lunch Box will surely bring delight to your kids and will make them excited about school even though they can’t share it to their classmates yet.

Providing convenience and cute design, these merch come with various compartments that are suited for school kids who likes to keep a lot of stuff.

Now, the convenience extends to parents as well as you don’t need to rush out to buy these cute little things from a store or malls, since its already available via Shopee!

Get them Inspired and Motivated

I remember when I was still at school, I usually ask my parents to buy me a nice tumbler. I have a thing about tumbler since I was a kid, and it’s like my kind of toy ever since. And also, since I’m not allowed to play dolls like sister. Haha!

But if you want to treat your kids with nice cute toys that they can cherish for a life time, this shimmering and singing Disney Princess dolls from Toy Kingdom will definitely give them that princess-y excitement. And yes, Toy Kingdom is now in Shopee Mall, so I guarantee you these merch are legit!

There are tons of items to choose from and I’m pretty that you’ll be filling you cart with these Disney Princess items as quick as Princess Anna fell in love with Prince Hans. Haha!

Happier Uncle. Haha!

Happy Shopee-ing!

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