#KeepYourChill: Time to Shop your AXE Products at Shopee's 7.7 Mid-Year Sale

Despite of being in a wet season now, I bet that most of guys out there are still sweating like pigs due to unpredictable weather we have here in Manila. Plus the fact that we all have to wear face mask and face shields all the time, which add heat to our body producing more sweat and sometimes tear, I'm pretty sure that most of are still concern about our smell given our particularity on proper hygiene.

AXE has been a trademark to most men when it comes to refreshing scent and good hygiene all over the globe. With its unique and truly freshest fragrance, men and women fall in love with the alluring scent of each AXE product.

To date, AXE products has evolve body care for men to skin care, lifestyle, fitness and well-being. Given the wide variety of its products, it has becoming the household brand to many Filipino men who wishes to keep their "cool" and "swag" all throughout the day regardless of their activities.

To satiate the needs of Filipino men, AXE latest product offerings - AXE ICE CHILL and AXE ICE BREAKER - are two latest fragrances that are made for men.

AXE ICE CHILL is Axe's freshest fragrance yet made for Men. Its scent is composed of natural watery notes and enhanced by Frozen Mint and Lemon which leaves you smelling fresh. AXE ICE CHILL Body Spray provides that instant cooling benefits that cools your skin by up to 11-degree Celsius that will keep you cool and confident any time.

Meanwhile, AXE ICE BREAKER offers that clean and refreshing scent of AXE with the aromatic freshness of icy lemon and mandarin. It also helps cool your skin down by up to 11-degree Celsius to help you #KeepYourChill.

Since it's mid-year, AXE ICE CHILL and AXE ICE BREAKER are both available at Unilever Beauty Store at Shopee, where you can avail as much as 50% Discount. This amazing deal is part of Shopee's 7.7 Mid-Year Sale, where tons of items from different brands and store are up for grabs at a discounted price. Aside from that, Free Delivery and other exciting promos and deals await lucky shoppers in this year's Mid-Year Sale.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on now to you Shopee App and shop away!

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