Get More Creative with Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Social media has evolved over the years. From merely being used for networking and messaging, it has now advanced into a platform where people can share their talents, build and promote their businesses, stay updated on current events, and talk about the things they love. Mobile devices need to be able to keep up with the modern and fast-paced lifestyle of today’s users so they can express who they really are.

Versatile, compact, and stylish, the Galaxy Z Flip is made for those who are not afraid to express themselves and want to stand out. Built to inspire creativity, the device packs everything needed to create and share into a form factor that fits in the palm.

Spark and Flex Creativity
The Galaxy Z Flip’s unique form factor is designed to provide hands-free experiences, making it easy to create and curate content everywhere.
Thanks to its Hideaway Hinge, the device can stand on its own at various angles. Simply pop open the device, place it on a desk or the floor, and start filming without needing extra accessories or stands. This means more time to accessorize, snap photos, and shoot content without ever holding your phone.
With Flex Mode, snap hands-free selfies for social media feeds or capture steady, stunning Night Hyperlapse videos with just the Galaxy Z Flip. The feature also allows the setting up of live streams to connect with followers or instantly collaborate with other creators via video call.
Capture the World Differently
From spontaneous selfies to hilarious GIFs of funny moments, the Galaxy Z Flip gives new ways to capture experiences.
The Quick Selfie feature uses the device’s powerful rear cameras to create high-quality self-portraits. Double click the power button when the phone is folded and the cover display will transform into a selfie viewfinder. Click the volume button to capture a shot. If taking a groupie with friends, tap on the cover display to switch to the Ultra Wide lens.
With so many ways to create photos and videos, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which one to go for at the moment.
Single Take on the Galaxy Z Flip is a dream tool for digital creators. The feature is especially useful for shooting action-packed scenes.
Just hold down the shutter button and the camera will capture the moment in a wide range of formats. The feature even recommends the best shots, which means scrolling through the gallery to find the perfect post isn’t needed.
Elevate Content
Taking photos and videos is just the start of the creative process. The key to engaging content lies in photo or video editing and caption writing.
Equipped with quick and easy image editing tools, the Galaxy Z Flip is a mobile creative powerhouse. As soon as capturing is done, creators can start polishing the image, try out different filters, and post their content with the device.
The Multi-Active Window feature allows two apps running simultaneously on the main display. With the ability to edit photos on the top half of the display while writing captions or responding to comments on the bottom half, multitask and manage platforms on the go with ease.
Fashion Meets Technology
Featuring a bold and playful design, the Galaxy Z Flip is perfect for those who see technology as a way to express themselves and be a cut above the rest. Available in various luxurious colorways Mirror Purple and Mirror Black, the device will turn heads and bring individuality to your outfit.
The Galaxy Z Flip is at Php 50,990 SRP. For more information about Samsung’s foldable devices and available offers, visit
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