Master Coffee-Making with Breville Philippines' Virtual Coffee Masterclasses

If there's really one thing that these lockdowns has taught us, it made us push to know and learn how we can prepare the food that we used to enjoy when we are still still go around and be merry. Thankfully, these ideas can now achieved at the home of our home through the help of these amazing home appliances that level up our craftmanship and our knowledge.

With these self-improvements, Breville Philippines is inviting all caffeine enthusiasts this month onward to September as it offers free sessions of Virtual Coffee Masterclasses for its Dual Boiler customers. This exciting new offerings is set to give everyone a chance to master their own coffee creations featuring Breville's premium products.

Master Barista Dave Dource

Along with selected coffee enthusiasts, I had an advance session of this masterclass with Master Barista Dave Dource, who walk us through different steps and ways to to level up and complete our coffee experience by learning how to make our favorite cup of joe at home. Streamed via Zoom, the two-part three-hour session includes sharing of Dave's expertise on anything and everything coffee. 

The initial part discussed the origins of roasting, espresso calibration and proper coffee tasting, then it will slowly transitioned to basic espresso drinks, espresso machine clearing, milk science and proper steaming, and finally, latte art. 

The mastercalss also held a Q&A with Dave that give everyone the chance to know more insider tips from him. These classes are the perfect introduction to a whole new world of coffee possibilities that the Dual Boiler opens. It is the perfect new essential for all those at home coffee nooks because of its innovative features and performance that lets everyone craft cafe-level cups, you won't even need to visit a coffee shop ever again!
These newest offerings from Breville Philippines are in line with its long-standing goal to encourage everyone to explore kitchen possibilities using premium home lifestyle products that are designed to unlock and inspire everyone’s creativity. The brand, which has its roots tracing back to Australia where it was established in 1932, has been consistent in manufacturing appliances that solve everyday kitchen dilemmas while enabling everyone to elevate their drinks and meals. The brand is now in its 11th year of serving the Philippine market.
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