Alt-R&B Trio brb. Releases Performance Video of Hit Single “saint”

Internationally acclaimed R&B trio, brb. has finally dropped the performance video of their latest single “saint” at 11pm on July 2, 2021 (Friday).

This marks the first time that brb. is putting out a live performance showcase for one of their new releases.

“Planning this performance was a fun challenge for us,” brb.’s very own Marc Lian shares in a statement. “This pandemic was a real reset for us and we hope that our fans will like this new direction that we are taking.”

Auzaie Zie reveals that he had a great time being in the same room together with brb., and performing “saint” live with the gang for the very first time. “It's nothing close to the energy being on a real stage but it was really fun nonetheless. I can't wait to perform this song live for everyone to hear.”

"saint" is the lead track of their sophomore EP, fleur, which chronicles a change in direction for the R&B’s group in terms of sound and vibe. Fans can look forward to more experimentation and some incredible collaborations they have lined up with amazing artists from all over Asia in the coming months.

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