Bianca Releases Debut Single “Tenth of July”

After racking up more than 2.5 million steams on Spotify with her heartfelt reimagining of an alt-rock classic, rising singer-songwriter Bianca fulfills the promise of her music journey with the release of her proper debut single under Sony Music Philippines.

Written by Bianca herself, “Tenth of July” delivers emotional resonance note per note, while retaining the spare, soothing vocal quality that listeners have grown to love from her. Seizing the moment with bedroom intimacy and captivating folk-pop detail, the track speaks fondly about memory and longing, and the beauty of remembering—as if it were words to live by.

“July of 2020, I had constant recurring dreams about someone I missed and it triggered me to write the song in order to cope with my emotions,” the young newcomer says in a statement. “Tenth of July to me is a reminder that we’re still able to reminisce and experience memories through dreaming and I hope that people who long for someone or something will be able to find comfort in the song.”

The endearing tune was produced by Joey Santos, whose cozy and lilting arrangements complement the warmth of Bianca’s songwriting and performance. Bianca recalls having a great time working with Santos, and appreciating his sense of enthusiasm and open-mindedness. “We both shared playlists to get inspiration from artists we thought would help with our brainstorming process. It was very easy to converse with him since he knew what I liked and he also introduced me to artists, who eventually became some of my favorites. He immediately applied my vision and inspirations to the production of the song, which ultimately unified it.”

Recording the harmonies and the guitar parts at home, Bianca shares that the sole purpose of completing the song is not to confront her own ego, but to comfort her future listeners. In terms of the track’s overall vibe, she wanted to showcase the more organic, mellow side of her music, but ensuring that the chorus powers through with the balance of inspirational message and confessional honesty.

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