Samsung and REBEL Elevates Fitness with 5-part Workout Series

It’s halfway through the year, which is the perfect time to look back on the New Year’s resolutions we made before the start of 2021. For those of us who promised ourselves to lead a healthier life, Samsung is making it easier for all of us to get in the zone with a co-created 5-part workout series. Called “In the Zone,” the workout series is a mix of yoga meditation, cardio, and strength training and can be accessed through the Rebel app.

Below are the workouts from the series led by coaches and #TeamGalaxy members, Carla Piscoso and Eduardo Lara, and are all powered with the help of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro:

1. Full Body LIT. This workout is a low-impact exercise that even beginners can enjoy. The 20-minute routine consists of 10 moves guaranteed to make anyone stronger. The moves include reverse lunges to deadlifts, modified burpees, bicycle crunches, and more. Carla immerses herself into the workout with the Galaxy Buds Pro’s 360 Audio feature, which pumps her up thanks to the surround sound experience it delivers to match all her dynamic movements.

2. Upper Body HIIT. HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, mixes short bursts of intense exercise with periods of rest or gentler routines. Eduardo’s 16-minute workout focuses on the chest, back, shoulders, and arms. Get in the zone with side raises, shoulder raises, tricep extensions, and more. The intensity of the workout means Eduardo has to be focused. He’s thankful that the Galaxy Buds Pro comes with superior sound quality which makes his sweat sessions more enjoyable with heart pumping music.
3. Jump Rope Workout. Jumping rope may sound repetitive and one-note, but Carla takes this up a notch with variations such as butt kicks, high knees, and double unders. This workout is sure to get hearts racing and endorphins pumping while conditioning the whole body. Carla doesn’t worry about her Galaxy Buds Pro falling off thanks to its comfortable and secure fit, which stays in place no matter how vigorous the workout is.

4. Basics of Running. This workout is the perfect introduction to an active lifestyle. Eduardo guides viewers on proper form, skip drills, and warmups that are designed to condition the body for longer runs and playing sports. He shares that the Galaxy Buds Pro’s intelligent Active Noise Cancellation helps him tune out background noise effectively, especially for outdoor running and sports.
5. Vinyasa Yoga. A round of yoga is the perfect way to end a tiring day or week. Carla leads a Vinyasa sequence, which flows from one pose to the next. This practice is meant to improve energy levels, promote relaxation, and lower stress. Similar to Eduardo, Carla finds the Galaxy Buds Pro’s intelligent Active Noise Cancellation helpful in keeping her focused and in the moment during meditation.

Members of the Rebel community can get an exclusive 20% discount voucher when they buy the Galaxy Buds Pro until July 31, 2021. Non-members who wish to get this limited-time voucher can download the Rebel app on Google Play or App Store and sign up for an account to get the promo code on “In the Zone” series’ description. The promo code can be used to purchase the device via Samsung Online Store.
Samsung is also holding an online contest for Samsung Members and Rebel community. Five lucky winners can get a chance to take home a Galaxy Buds Pro and one month FREE Rebel+ subscription, and 25 winners of one month FREE Rebel+ subscription. Stay tuned for the announcement of winners soon!
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