The Huawei Vision S: How MeeTime Can Make us Feel Closer

In the modern era, communication is easy because of the different technological innovations that make social-distance a bit more closer with digitalization. In comes the Huawei Vision S - the first-ever Future TV to hit the market with a TV call feature supported by a 13MP camera and Huawei’s signature MeeTime support. Read on how this feature (alongside the Vision S’ other cool features!) can revolutionize the way we reach out to each other.

Huawei MeeTime in the Modern Era

You can see how Huawei MeeTime can further amplify your family life on Eat Bulaga’s Pamilya Nunal on GMA-7 earlier today.

In this segment,we can see how the family can still connect together even apart! As the family settles down for lunch, one tap away they can connect to their dad who is busy at work but still can join in the lively conversation. Through the use of the Huawei Vision S, the  people can seamlessly connect by making a TV Call to another family member with the support of Huawei MeeTime. This way, people at home can still feel that ‘togetherness’ with a home device that is accessible to all!

How does this apply to consumers? If you’re living on your own, the best way to keep close to loved ones is of course through video calls, messages, and other communication innovations. But, MeeTime on the Huawei Vision takes that to a whole new level!

This Father’s Day, you can make a TV call to dad, and actually see him - yes, see him in 1080p crystal-clear splendor supported with a 1920 x 1080 FHD display. MeeTime  on the Huawei Vision S will make you feel like your Dad’s right there with you - on the big screen. Aside from this, you can also call up the rest of your loved ones to celebrate. Now, access to communication can be as easy, seamless and even more personal.

MeeTime on your Huawei phone can also be easily transferred on the big screen with ease giving you the freedom to enjoy audiovisual communication at any time. Plus, you can initiate MeeTime with the Vision S’ built-In voice commands! Not a Huawei user? Don’t fret because you can access MeeTime by installing the Huawei Vision Home App as long as your smartphone is running on Android 8.0 or higher!

Family Photos: Clear, Crisp and Wider
The 13MP Magnetic Camera on the Huawei Vision S can capture celebrations at home clearly and crispy without cropping out everyone! You can also record videos and share with the world how awesome your dad is! It’s also easy to transfer these photos to any NFC-compatible Huawei device that makes photo-sharing easy as just a tap on the remote via Huawei Share.

Enjoy Even More with the Whole Family
Huawei is pretty sure that movie-binging and content consumption is even better when shared with our loved ones. To maximize entertainment - such as you and your Dad’s favorite movies and sports shows, the Huawei Vision S has a 120hz Stunning Picture display that makes action-packed and movement flow as fluid as possible, it’s almost like witnessing everything live! 

Basketball, boxing, tennis and all your bonding sports games can be even more intelligently enjoyed on the big screen because of the Huawei Vision S’ Smart MEMC, which is capable of inserting 24/30 fps video into 120 frames on an intelligent basis, effectively eliminating residual shadow, and resolving the longstanding issues of ghosting and vision fatigue with itss TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light and TÜV Rheinland Flicker-free eye care certification. 

The Huawei Vision S is already packed with loads of entertainment content right unto the device! There are numerous movies, shows and apps to binge on. This also includes Konsulta MD, a online-consultation feature that enables you and the family to talk to and consult a trusted health professional through video-calling supported on the Vision S! Plus, there's also Wish 107.5 FM for those chill afternoons and PH Weather which will keep you (and dad!) on track for the day. You can always plug in a trusty Smart Box to access other billions of apps as well on the Vision S. Other activities like Netflix, YouTube, Zoom and more are now made even better on the big screen.

The Huawei Vision S also packs cutting-edge sound enhancement technology and the latest and most advanced audio processing algorithm, combined with psychoacoustic and auditory perception models, to fine-tune its immersive audio performance that is delivered by Huawei Sound. 

Now, you’re assured that your favorite tunes will be on repeat, on blast all day (come on,it’s his day, anyway!) in full glory and immersion supported by this device’s 4x 10 W speakers each with 1L Sound Cavity. No need to install a sound bar here!

With the AI Voice Command installed in the Huawei Vision S, you can turn your TV into the central speaker for your home. HUAWEI Vision S utilizes an ultra-sensitive 6-mic array, which is capable of accurately detecting human voices within 5 meter, enabling it to initiate playback and perform other tasks when your hands are occupied, making effortless voice commands your go-to when you need a break and without lifting a finger. Perfect for our  dad, mom and even the kids to comfortably enjoy a well-deserved chill afternoon!

But Wait There's More!
The Huawei Vision S will take you one step further into the Seamless AI Life living this 2021 with smart features never seen before on a television. Aside from its capability to support video-calling and its immersive entertainment features, it’s also packed with smart experiences through Multi-Device Collaboration brought about by the new Harmony OS that will make everybody  go ‘Wow’!

For a quick re-cap,  Huawei Vision S also packs on ultra-smart features like One-Hop Projection for all your working and learning needs, Distributed Gaming Technology, and of course Huawei Share to make your experience feel even more immersive and a step unto an interconnected world.

Now, all these cool features give you a glimpse on what #BeyondTV is and will surely impress everyone. What’s next to look out for? Globe At Home and Huawei are coming up with something special… but consumers have to be on their toes as we are planning exciting things real soon!

The Huawei Vision S’ 55-inch model is priced starting at Php 32, 999 for cash/straight with purchase which comes with a bundle containing a FREE Smart Box worth P3,999  that houses your favorite apps such as Netflix,Youtube, Google Services and more For those who are looking for a wider and bigger screen, the Huawei Vision S 65-inch model is priced starting at Php 49, 999  for cash/straight and comes with a FREE Smart Box as well and free delivery until June 30, 2021.You can purchase your very own Future TV through Huawei Concept Stores, major Home Appliance Stores such as Abensons and AllHome nationwide. Interested consumers can also purchase these online via  the Huawei Store, Lazada, or Shopee!

Users are also up for a treat as you can experience ordering your very own unit through the HUAWEI Easy Buy Experience which offers extraordinary perks! This purchase experience allows users to reserve their very own unit online and head to any of our stores to checkout your purchase and enjoy Huawei’s in-store exclusive installment plans and store deals while having easy access to other Huawei products!  Learn more about this through this link.

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