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If you are a Filipino, I'm pretty sure that one of the many groups on Facebook that you're busy checking in is the Home Buddies - where tons and tons of inspiring home ideas filled your eyes and mind and somehow made you realize that it's about time to bite into those "budols" and start creating your piece of "zen" at home.

My Mini Garden - My Zen

I, for one, is guilty about this. With my current plans in life, which involve acquiring my own space, home designing has been a top concept in my mind that not only I get to spend more time lurking into other people's homes through the images that they share in the famous Facebook group, but also through online games and shopping!

Online Games for Home Design
One of the many hobbies that I'm doing since this crazy quarantine period is playing online games, albeit its not as action-packed as the other guys usually play - HAHA! - lately, I'm finding serenity in playing Design Home. 

A mobile game that lets you design different homes as well as your own preferred space. From wall paint, floor tiles, ceiling to home furniture - this game will surely bring the interior decorator you have in yourself. Earn money and diamonds and you'll get a chance to purchase online furniture that are designed by some of the world's famous furniture designers. If you have really money, then, you can actually buy these virtual furniture in real life.

But just a reminder, since these are top of the brand pieces, these might break your wallet.

Friendly Online Shopping for Us!
But since we, Pinoys, are very resourceful, and can really make something despite the limited budget - Shopee is our friendly neighbor shop!

Last night, while doing my usual scanning of the app, I found this seller's page that offers really affordable home items that ranges from kitchenware, tableware and even furniture and other outdoor stuff.

HomeZania not only provides a wide selection of item, but they all comes in every affordable price. So, if you are looking new home tools like I do, HomeZania might have some of the items you are looking for!

Buy Double layer Anti-Rust Stainless Steel Classic Bowl here:
Buy Loaf Pan Bread Pan here:

Over the past year of being locked up at home - my interest in gardening, cooking and baking grew. Hence, lately, I've been busy looking for some baking stuff, which include mixing bowls, baking pans and etc. So glad in HomeZania, I found an affordable and quality-grade mixing bowls and loaf bread pans. 

On the other hand, my love for Samgyup ignited as well as I saw these Samgyup set. Now, eating Samgyup at home is possible! Hahaha! And it's only for less than PHP700 a set! 

Buy HomeZania Korean Non-Stick Barbecue Grill here:
Buy HoeZania Durable Portable Gas Stove here:

And for some more classy stuff, this stainless milk pot is the one that I've been wanting to have since I'm making a lot of Chocolate Dream Cakes for my friends! It's almost 50% off, so why not, right? Budol indeed! Hahaha!

Buy Scissor here:
Buy Stainless Steel Milk/Soup Pot here:

So, if you have time, just go to Shopee, and scroll, add to cart and then check out all you want any time! It's a good stress reliever, I tell you. Hehe.

This Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival, HomeZania is offering more items to choose from at amuch lower price! Happy shopee-ing!

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