Burn Those Boredom Away with Free Online Games

If there are things that most of us mastered these past few months after being locked up at home with our family for our safety, I bet one or every one of our family is already an online gamer. May you be burning those boredom away with your mobile phones, tablets, laptop, or even desktop, I'm pretty sure that by now, you have one online game that you are so hooked up that made you somehow forget that craziness happening outside your house.

We all know how the past year and up until now frustrate and scare us because of the spread of pandemic. With all the quarantine protocols and lockdowns being implemented here and there, we are left with no better choice than staying indoor with our family or friends to keep us safe. As for me, due to the nature of work, I'm reporting to work almost every day, keeping more insane that ever, juggling personal and professional stuff at the same. Thankfully, I discovered this online gaming site that offers easy and hard-level online games that make my mind off from my busy schedule and reminds me of some of the wonderful times as a kid. And yes, it's FREE!

When I was a kid, and Family Computer is the most popular gaming console available in the market, you'd always find me right in front of our television playing Galaga. For those you were not aware of it, Galaga is an arcade game made available in the early '80s. The game involves a starship, wherein the player is tasked to destroy the Galaga forces in each stage while avoiding enemies and projectiles. My favorite part of this game is when the enemies can capture my ship via a tractor beam, and then I'll try to rescue it to transform into a dual-fighter player that gives an additional firepower.
Gladly, in plays.org website, they have a brandnew version of this game, which really hooked me up into playing again. “Neon Invaders” is almost the same as Galaga only more interactive and updated. One my first try, wherein I’m still checking the controls and other things that I could discover, I learned that it’s best to understand the pattern of movement of the enemies. Just like Galaga, in Neon Invaders, you have to avoid getting because you will lose lives. Three unavoidable hit and your game is over.

What I like about this game is its hype look. The neon starships as well as the enemies bring that child-like feel that triggered me to keep in playing. Since challenges varies from easy to hard, you can slowly create a strategy that will make you hook up to this game. Just a tip though, as the game slowly progress, the enemies are starting to move faster, calculating you release of your bullets is very important. Power ups and other exciting reveal will be encountered you keep on playing this game.
Meanwhile, for those who wanna reminisce on the first addicting online games we played few years ago, plays.org recreated and combined the amazing world of Plants vs Zombie and Angry Birds into one game entitled “Angry Zombie”. Imagine throwing your ang birds to kill the zombies – this is really cool!

A major villain in every game, the zombies are strategically placed as target. Each bird you throw may or may not give you direct hit to kill them, so you have to strategize and aim carefully. Thankfully, in this version of this addicting game, there are TNT boxes that once hit will explode and will kill the zombies. Kill the zombies fast and you’ll advance to the next level quickly. This will also help you get more point.
One thing that I probably hope that they’ll include in their games is to have an account wherein we can register and save our games. I bet they know how addicting these types of games, hence having a personal wherein we can save all the games that we’ve played will be really awesome.

Anyway, if you prefer more challenging games that I’ve mentioned, plays.org has more than 100 games in store in their website, classified into various categories including Arcade, Logic, Puzzle, Quiz and even Mobile and 2-Player games. You can even rate their game to provide further feedback to the developers and in the future, they’ll have more games for everyone.
Have fun playing and please stay safe, everyone!

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