Blogging and the Fun Way of Earning From it!

I’ve been blogging for more than a decade now, and I must admit that I’m still far from being pro when it comes to monetizing it. But from time to time, I’m glad that I’m getting some monetary assistance from it that helps me purchase some of the things that I want for myself as well sustain the domain name and other technical stuff about maintaining a website.

Over the past years, the multimedia industry has evolved and created a wave of information that has become the new standard of our daily lives. From a mere webpage to a website, people behind this industry has changed as well and created a tsunami of influencers that has been feeding us with current information, latest trends and whatnots day in and day out.

Whether you are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube or any other social media sites, you’ll get to stumble one person that will be the constant page or account that you will check from time to time building relationship within yourself without you even knowing it, hence the term “influencer”.
While some influencers get famous and eventually sponsorships, there are those who are still earning their right through awards and monetary values. Blogging and Online Marketing has been working side-by-side now providing the latest information and trends as well as creating new ways for some people to earn a living.
Affiliate program has been one of the growing online marketing tools now in the world, gathering bloggers and influencers around the world to capture a wider range of market and topic. I, for one, has joined many affiliate programs over the course of my blogging career and I must say that some has evolve into a community providing not just financial benefits but also technical assistance that help bloggers and influencers survive the fast-changing aspirations of online platform.
Recently, I signed up for another set of various affiliate programs that have been giving me new ideas and ways to promote my website as well as sharpen my marketing skills. In one of my affiliate programs, the range of communication with my partner’s team has gone from the usual e-mail communication to a more personal and friendly approach. This way made everyone so comfortable providing question as well as assistance among bloggers and influencers to generate traffic as well as income from the program.
While everything is still on a test-run as well as rate is still on a developmental level, the sales of the company we’ve been supporting has shown a tremendous increase month after month, proving that online affiliate program could be the next big thing in online marketing.  
Some friends that are also part of the affiliate program that I’m in have been earning five digits monthly, making it a good source of income, most especially during these trying times with COVID-19. While, I'm still trying to create a buzz about it for myself, I’m glad that I’m also receiving some benefits from this program, while learning the latest trends and techniques, which I can also use in my professional career.
Affiliate program are usually categorized on each topic, which centralized the audience, this include food and health, fashion and beauty, business and tech, finance and interior design and home organization. So, if you are like me who usually spends free time writing on your online journal, why not start learning the art of online marketing through affiliate program now, and who knows, it might help you one way or the other.
Happy blogging!

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