ASUS VivoBook Series Collaborates with Don’t Blame The Kids Apparel Co.

The Future of Gen Z is here! We are very thrilled to announce the collaboration of ASUS VivoBook series with Don’t Blame The Kids Apparel Co.  featuring the limited-edition DBTK® merchandise bundle with ASUS Vivobook laptops that are designed and created for the youth.

Starting today until July 15, 2021, every customer who will purchase select ASUS Vivobook laptops including ASUS Vivobook Flip, ASUS VivoBook S, ASUS Vivobook and ASUS Vivobook Gaming will get free limited edition DBTK® merchandise worth PHP 3,00  which includes a T-Shirt, Laptop Mat, Laptop Sleeve, Facemask and sticker packed in an exclusive ASUS DBTK Box.

ASUS VivoBook series chose to work in partnership with Don’t Blame the Kids Apparel Co. (DBTK®) with one main goal to resonate the parallel message of empowering the future of today’s youth to #WowTheWorld.

#WowTheWorld being the official tagline of the ASUS Vivobook Series is a challenge for the youth today to freely express themselves and push their limits in pursuing their passion while discovering their self along the journey.

ASUS Vivobook will also be collaborating with Riva Queenery as the official Vivobook ambassadress to help spread the message to the youth.
Drawing inspiration from themes that reflect the ideas and attitudes of today’s youth, a.k.a.  the Gen  Z, energetic, vivid, creative, true to be themselves and thinks out of the box. These are some of the personalities that perfectly vibes with the ASUS VivoBook Series. It is created to express yourself and dare to be different, Free yourself and break the mold and finally discover yourself and find the best in you.

Whether you are a student, aspiring content creator, budding entrepreneur or a fresh graduate we have an ASUS Vivobook laptop just for you that can match your personality, style and requirements.

The ASUS Vivobook Flip, is a convertible laptop with 360 degree Ergolift hinge that let’s you transform your laptop into tent mode or tablet mode. This series also comes with an ASUS Pen that let’s you unleash your creativity.

The ASUS Vivobook S on the other hand is available in different colors that can make you stand out more without compromising it’s the performance that you need with it’s top notch processors and SSD storage. You can also get 40% better CPU performance with ASUS Intelligent Performance technology if you get the model with Intel 11th Generation Processors.

If you are looking for a more affordable option we also have the ASUS Vivobook Series with also a variety of color options for basic computing requirements perfect for online class use and entertainment. And lastly, the ASUS Vivobook Gaming for those who want a laptop that they can use for classes and light gaming.

Don’t Blame the Kids Apparel Co. (DBTK®) is a lifestyle & clothing brand that thoughtfully creates crafted quality goods that embody functionality and exhibits exceptional artistry which express stories, messages and experiences about culture and the youth of people from all walks of life.  DBTK® draws inspiration from those who think differently targeting curious teens or today’s Gen Zs who seek to pursue their passion and make their goals a reality. Kids who put in effort to learn and explore the endless possibilities before them.

Click here to visit our official microsite to know more about promo mechanics, registration, participating laptops, and stores. Do not miss out this once in a lifetime lit collaboration from the trendsetters of today’s youth!

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