Solaire's Waterside Restobar brings Peruvian Nights

By now, each one of us is already longing to go back to the usual activities where mostly involve socializing whether with family, friends, colleagues and with special someone. Everyone is already longing to go out freely, travel to beautiful destinations, enjoy malling, watch cinema sand live concerts or even simply dine out at our favorite restaurant. Luckily, most areas now in the Philippines are in General Community Quarantine (GCQ) level where establishments can reopen and serve their guests - even at 50 per cent capacity. 

Solaire Resort, along with its in-house restaurants, and retail shops, has opened its doors again after some months of closure to public. This includes its cozy Waterside Restobar where guests can enjoy a beautiful daytime dining with family or a lovely dusk til evening enjoying the relaxing sunset while listening to some soothing, live music.

Last Friday, along with some friends, I was treated to a Peruvian night topped with luscious drinks that are made to highlight of Peru's famous dishes, which surprisingly resembles to a lot to our local dishes.

For only PHP1,199 per person, guests can enjoy a night of unlimited Peru-inspired drinks concocted to match Waterside's version of Peru's famous dishes.

For drinks, guests can enjoy Peruvian's classic cocktail such as the Pisco Sour, which is a combination of Pisco, lemon and sugar bitters. Then, there's also the Pisco Jengibre, which is an excellent palete cleanser due to the great combination of Pisco, lime, fresh ginger and ginger ale. For some fruity flavor, you can try the Caipirinha Prima, which mixes Cachaha (a Brazilian white rum made from sugar cane), lime, passion fruit and spiced sugar. For some amplified drinking session, you can indulge on their Peruvian Fog Cutter, which is a mix of artisan rum, orgeat (sweet syrup made from almonds, sugar, and rose water or orange flower water) infused with sesame, orange liqueur, lime and bitters; or get wasted on their Cul de Sac, which brings together the strong and straightforward flavor of Tequila, agave syrup, orange bitters and hickory smoke.

Pisco Sour

Pisco Jengibre

Caipirinha Prima

Cul de Sac

Meanwhile, as for the food, the Kingfish Tiradito is thin slices of kingfish swimming in tomato leche de tigre (citrus-based, spicy marinade) mixed with cancha corn, chili and coriander. This one will surely reminds you of our very own "Kinilaw" or Ceviche, which originated in Peru. For some crunch, you can try the Peruvian Empanada, which is a combination of ground beef, cumin, lime, olives, boiled egg and Huanciana sauce (aji Amarillo chili peppers). My favorite among the four offerings was the Jalea Mixta, which is crispy fried mixed seafood with aji rocoto topped with salsa criolla (finely chopped onions, vinegar, tomatoes, garlic, chili peppers, bell peppers olive oil, salt, pepper and parsley or cilantro). Lastly, the favorite among the crowd, the tender and juicy Lomo Saltado Anticuchos, which is a beef tenderloin skewers, cherry tomato, piquillo (pepper) salsa and glazed lomo.

Kingfish Tiradito

Peruvian Empanada

Jalea Mixta

Lomo Saltado Anticuchos

Waterside's Peruvian Nights is available every night from 6:00 p.m. til 9:00 p.m. For the PHP1,199 package, you can have an unlimited drink based from the five drinks mentioned and only two dishes. Additional servings of dishes will incur you an additional PHP130 per dish.

All prices are VAT inclusive ad subject to 10% service charge.

To know more about this Waterside Restobar, you can visit or follow them on their social media accounts. As safety precaution, all guests are require to come in wearing mask and face shield, and subject to body temperature checking and filling up of tracing form.

Enjoy and always stay safe, everyone!

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