Tigernu T-B3105: An On-the-Go Bag with Much-Needed Security and Protection

For a year now, we've been maximizing the time we spend outside - not only for our safety and our loved ones, but also to avoid issues that might be affected by sudden changes in our situation.

Since we have to bring a lot of stuff now when we go out - including our safety essentials such as face masks, face shields, alcohol, gloves and some extra stuff - it's just rightful that we have a good companion with us that can help these things and some other important stuff protected and secure.

Last year, I discovered the wonders a Tigernu Anti-theft Laptop Bag can do to my daily commute, and since I was very satisfied and happy with the quality of if it, I'm happy to share with you this upgrade that I recently received.

The Tigernu T-B3105 is another Anti-Theft Laptop Bag presented by Tigernu that offers high quality and well-thought details that bring efficiency to our daily lives. First of its amazing features is the Large Capacity Design that comes with four major compartments where you can easily and safely keep your stuff. Still possessing a simple and sleek design, the Tigernu T-B3105 takes pride also in its External USB Charging Port, which is a big help for commuters and travelers alike, since you don't need to open you bag when you need to power up that gadgets that you usually use. Next feature that this bag takes pride of is its multi-function pockets. This way, you can easily separate your belongings, giving you a room to carry more stuff with you whenever you go out. And if you think that they put pocket in this bag because they want to, well, check the back pockets, which were scientifically design, giving you further efficiency.

The outer layer of Tigernu T-B3105 is made of high-density waterproof nylon fabric giving your personal belongings protection against water or rain. It's laptop compartment can carry a laptop as big as 26 by 38 centimeters or 15.6-inch laptop. It also has an iPad compartment, or in some cases, can be a book or notebook compartment. Meanwhile, the front compartment can be an ideal section for you pens, wallets, essential items and other small items that you always carry around. Lastly, the back pockets can be ideal for gadgets as well or raincoats and umbrella for yourself.

The Tigernu T-B3105 is now available in Shopee for only PHP1,145, 68% less from its original price of PHP3,601.

For more laptops back, you may visit Tigernu Philippines at Shopee. For other products with exciting deals and discounts, you may download the Shopee app via the App Store or Google Play. Happy Shopee-ing!

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