Landi Ka, TEA?: Fun Intended

If there are three good things that this home-quarantine season did to most of us: one, it gave us more time to explore our capacity to create something nice while staying at home such baking and cooking; two, it made our family ties closer than ever; and three, some ventured into business!

I, for one, now enjoy some “Tita” stuff - as what they usually call it online - like baking, gardening and cooking. These activities serve as my stress-reliever during those times that I cannot go out due to the pandemic and even up to now, I whip up something whenever I’m bored during weekend or when I’m done taking care of my plants.

For cousins Immanuel Cabuag, John Rommel Cells and Lualhati Fausto, their love for sweets and drive to create a business out of their love for food has gave us a milk tea shop, which they call “Landi Ka, TEA?” Located at Mindanao Avenue corner Samar St. in Sampaloc, Manila, their business was borne out of eagerness to help one another during the pandemic while providing leisure to family and friend through food.

Landi Ka, TEA? opened to the public last February 18, offering most-loved flavors such as Taro, Red Velvet, Okinawa, Hokkaido, Chocolate and their best-sellers Cheesecake, Winter Melon and Matcha.

Speaking of match, Landi Ka, TEA? opened with delectable pastries to complement the comforting flavors of their milk. So far, their menu includes cinnamon bread, macaroons, brownies, and the likes.

Landi Ka, TEA?’s milk tea offerings range from PHP50 per 22oz cup, while pastries vary prices. Right now, you can only try Landi Ka,TEA? delectables by walking in.

“We’re already in the process in of acquiring permits and registration on food delivery apps, soon, guests who want to enjoy our offerings, especially with summer around the corner, can order through their trusted food delivery service”, Ms. Fausto shared.

Landi Ka, TEA? brand was conceptualized after Cabuag exclaimed the colloquial term upon seeing her per fishes mating in their aquarium. Other partner found it catchy and easy to remember hence trio pushed with the name.

You can checkout Landi Ka, TEA? on Facebook for further details and exciting updates.

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