Robinsons Bank Gives Online Schooling Gadgets to Kids this Christmas

In this Season of Giving, Robinsons Bank's promise of a brighter future for every Filipino took the path of donating electronic tablets to schoolchildren in various communities nationwide to help them cope with the requirements of online schooling for the coming year. 

TODA Member Gerardo Legarda, along with his wife and daughter, receive Robinsons Bank’s Christmas gift. (Disclaimer: Masks were only removed for the photo.)
“Many families are still struggling with the setup of remote learning, whether it is the lack of a gadget to use or difficulty in accessing the internet. We wanted to provide support to these children so they can continue with their education and achieve the brighter future they deserve,” RBank President Elfren Antonio Sarte stated. 

TODA member Charlie R. Madriaga, along with his children, receive Robinsons Bank’s Christmas gift. (Disclaimer: Masks were only removed for the photo.)

Mr. Sarte also added that “Our strong advocacy on financial literacy for children has led us to witness their eagerness and passion for learning. It would be disheartening to know that there are children out there who want to keep learning but have no means to. So, we pushed for this initiative to really help those children in need.”

In lieu of RBank’s corporate giveaways, the children received sim cards along with the electronic tablets, which they can use to access the internet for their online schooling. 

Despite the challenges that this year has brought, the Bank’s passion for service remains unwavering. RBank will always be committed to fulfilling the needs of the Filipino people. 

With Robinsons Bank, the future is bright!

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