OhTalks: Ohmyhome's First Webinar to share Ways to Achieve our First Million

From the time Singapore-based proptech startup Ohmyhome introduced its innovative application and website in the Philippines, it has been helping thousands of property seekers in their housing journey. These days, however, Ohmyhome is primed to add breadth to its services through OhTalks, a series of webinars that are set to premiere on Dec. 19, 2020, from 3 to 5 p.m., in the Facebook event page.

Ohmyhome co-founders Race and Rhonda Wong disclose that the objective of OhTalks is “to inform and give valuable insights on topics such as real estate, entrepreneurship, technology, property investments, and financial literacy - topics that are close to the heart of our proptech company.”  

That Ohmyhome is an expert in these fields is validated by its impressive achievements as a proptech startup in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines - and by the exemplary leadership of Rhonda and Race Wong, Ohmyhome’s Chief Executive Officer and Chief Product Officer, respectively. 

OhTalks’ pilot episode, to be hosted by Ohmyhome Philippines Marketing Manager Julian Sison, is titled “The Different Paths to Your First Million”. It will feature three successful working professionals and entrepreneurs who will share their career and business experiences - paths they took to earn their first million.

The episode’s first guest, Gold Aquino, initially gained popularity as a record artist of the popular boy band 1:43. Aquino later cast a wide net in the café and food businesses and now owns and manages TNC Cyber Café, a Zark’s Burgers franchise, and other food stalls. 

The second guest is Jef Albea, formerly a theater actor who designed costumes for stage plays and created wardrobes for celebrities. Albea is now an international fashion designer who showcased his bridal wear at the London Fashion Week 2017 and New York Fashion Week 2018. Each year, Albea designs over fifty custom wedding gowns for local and international clients. 

Finally, Melina May Napa is a virtual student prodigy who held the post of Assumption College Student Council president and graduated from college at age 19. Napa is now the chairman and managing director of BrainBeam Events, Inc., a company she started when she was 23. Napa’s startup business has major lifestyle brands among its clientele: Nestle Philippines, Century Pacific Food, Inc., and Robinsons Land Corporation. 

OhTalks is slated to air three other episodes in the early months of 2021. Viewers are enjoined to watch episode 2, “Passive Income Opportunities for Beginners,” which will discuss the type of investments that help individuals generate passive income even before they retire; episode 3, “Personal Finances: Day-to-Day Expenses That Could Have Been Turned Into Savings,” which flags pointless expenditures such as unused gym memberships and pricey branded coffee; and episode 4, “Small Investments That Could Be Lifesaving,” which will identify small investments that people can afford now that could be lifesaving in the future. 

As part of Ohmyhome's vision as a company, OhTalks is also a way of showing Filipinos how investing in a property is a wise way of building wealth and generating income; and how Ohmyhome services can be a great help in property investments. 

“OhTalks is aligned with Ohmyhome’s ultimate objective - to teach potential entrepreneurs the values of goal setting and planning,” say Race and Rhonda Wong. “We want to instill financial literacy in our viewers who can then aspire to create wealth down the road.” 

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