Sparky & Benny: The Story of Climate Change

If there's one this that the year 2020 has thought us, it's always be ready for the unprecedented events that might happen. This year, not only we have to face the threat of COVID-19, there's also the increasing impacts of climate change - from the wildfires in Australia and California and to the strong typhoons and hurricanes in the Philippines and its neighboring countries.

Climate change is making itself felt more and more into our daily lives. However, it has been challenging to explain the complexities of climate change in a simple and relatable way. This was the reason for Janice Lao-Noche, a dual environmental scientist and development economist, and her 10 year old daughter, Esther, have written a book about climate change through the eyes of two kid whales who are finding out they are losing their homes. It is a personal story for children, parents and educators to understand what climate change is all about, and why it is personal to all of us. Their book is also about a story of hope - providing children a template on how they can help make a real difference with climate change.

Esther and Janice lao-Noche

Janice is a multi-awarded sustainability expert, having won international acclaim for her work in sustainability, including at the age of 30, codeveloping a mathematical and economic model for reducing carbon emissions in the international aviation sector. Esther is a 6th grader, student athlete, and a young coder, she wants to be a marine veterinarian when she grows up. The book is published by US-based Wise Ink.

“This book is our love letter to nature and to the world, because real love means telling them the truth but also showing them what is possible. The book ends with hope, that if we take action today and do it together, we can solve the greatest threat we face as humanity - climate change,” said Lao.

What experts have said around the world about the book: “It’s just brilliant...What is most wonderful about this book is that it shows us that while our humanity has created this crisis, it will be our humanity that helps solve it.” - Dr Sally Uren, CEO, Forum for the Future (United Kingdom)

"A powerful, practically-written book that will change the way you think about climate change..." - Dr Elondra Napper, science educator (United States)

"A unique and fun book that addresses the most important part of the problem (and solution!): the human element" - Carola Wijdoogen, cofounder of Sustainability University Foundation (Netherlands)

"Sensitive, compelling story of two sea friends incorporates adventure, bravery, and teamwork to deliver a powerful tale featuring adults short of a plan and kids striving to end the impending destruction of their ocean home" - Joanna Hotung, Director, KG Group (Hong Kong)

“Equally informative and heartwarming...may this moving story compel every reader to do their part.” - Lynn Pinugu, CEO, She Talks Asia (Philippines)

This November 28, 8pm EST / 5pm PST (November 29 9am in the Philippines), Janice and Esther cordially invite concerned seatizens to give back to the oceans by joining the Sparky and Benny Book Launch Party. The seas have given us so much life, adventure and nutrition,
and it's time for a thanksgiving. As a community, we can help make the seas healthier and the earth live longer.

In partnership with Save Philippines Seas, Janice, Esther, Sparky and Benny look forward to seeing everyone to save our homes and our seas.

“The book blends reality and fantasy: two whales on a journey to learn about the impacts of climate change on their home,” said Anna Oposa, who leads Save Philippine Seas. It’s not every day that we read about how climate change affects our oceans, and it’s a story that needs to be told more. With this book, children and youth can learn to make small but meaningful lifestyle changes and inspire their parents to do the same.”

To join the book launch and #HelpSparkyAndBenny Save the Seas with Janice and Esther Lao Noche, RSVP at To preview the book, visit its Amazon page at

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