Pedigree Promotes Paw-sitivity this Christmas!

The stories and images that are flooding our social media pages these past few weeks have been heartbreaking and so terrifying, and disregarding them won't do any good neither to them nor to those people and animals that are stilling needing our help. Thankfully, the growing attitude of resilience, kindness and generosity are spreading like wildfire, extending assistance and help to various areas affected by these calamities.

In relation to this, Pedigree Philippines, spearheaded a positive Christmas reachout program to our furry friends that are also affected by these tragic incidents and submerged almost our entire nation. This November 15, in the spirit of Yuletide cheers, Pedigree brings "SPREAD PAW-SITIVITY", where online shoppers, through Shopee app, can avail 35% discount as well as flash sales for as low as Php1.00! The 10% of the total sale that will be generated from this effort will be converted as pet food and be donated to Animal Kingdom Foundation - a group of animal-loving volunteers who help animals survive and recover from unwanted experiences that they had.

These pet food are made to the likings of our furry friends to keep them strong and healthy, just like our Baby Chuchay who enjoys nibbling these snacks that are made specifically for them. Items that you can share to your pets are: PED Simmered Beef, PED Liver Loaf, Meat Jerky, Rodeo, Cesar, IAMS 450g Small Breed, IAMS 450g Puppy, PED Mini Beef, PED Puppy Beef, Tasty Bites Crunchy, and Tasty Bites Chewy.

Meanwhile, cat lovers can also send in their love offers to these pets through this products: Whiskas Pouch Jr. Tuna, Whiskas Pouch Tuna, Whiskas Jr 1.1 Kg, Whiskas Tuna 1.2kg, Catsan Clumping, Sheba Can Chicken, Sheba Can Tuna and Salmon, Temptations Chicken 12g, and Temptations Tuna 12g.

Pedigree aima to raise 10,000 food bowls to make an even brighter Christmas for the pets of Animal Kingdom Foundation! Thank you in advance and happy Holidays!

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