Rainy Days Comfort Food at Century Park Hotel Manila

The wet season can really dampen one’s spirit. Since most of us are still working from home and attending classes online, it feels extra hard to be productive with the gloomy atmosphere and the cold bed weather. 

To beat the monsoon blues and get that much-needed boost, try these five dishes you can order from Century Park Hotel Manila:

Every Filipino family loves to share a bowl of hot beef or pork shank soup in the middle of a cold, heavy downpour. Bulalo is best enjoyed when its meat has been simmered very well to bring out its flavor and served with nutritious greens such as cabbage and Bagui beans. Tenderizing the meat takes quite long but as what they say, the best ingredient is time and patience.  

The lingering sour taste of this dish makes us drool especially this wet season. Whether it comes with pork, prawns or salmon fish, sinigang’s tamarind-based soup rouses the senses and boosts the appetite. With a little spice added to it for that extra kick, it will keep you warm despite the cold weather. 

Rainy season is the perfect occasion to enjoy an oishi bowl of ramen. Not only is this dish a hit in Asia but also in the whole world because of its flavorful broth made from a variety of ingredients such as chicken or pork bones. Its filling noodles makes it extra special. Normally complemented with tamago, cuts of chicken, beef or pork, nori, scallions and others vegetables, one serving of ramen is already a feast for the taste buds.

Mushroom Soup
A bowl of hot and steamy mushroom soup is truly a bed weather pleasure. Its creaminess, aroma and the tender bites of the mushrooms makes for a delectable mood-booster. Other recipes you can choose from are crab & sweet corn soup and pumpkin soup. Enjoy these dishes all the more when paired with delicious bread from the Deli Snack.  

Arroz Caldo
On cold mornings or afternoons, arroz caldo is everybody’s go-to snack. A dish as unassuming as this can carry you through the monsoon blues. The ginger completes the full-bodied taste and leaves you wanting for more. Filipinos love to eat this comfort food with slices of chicken, pork and boiled egg.  It is then garnished with a zest of kalamansi and fried garlic bits.
Get a taste of how these comfort foods are prepared by award-winning chefs. Contact Century Park Hotel Manila at 8528-5855 or 0917-633-2497, via SMS or Viber to order. 
Did we miss anything on the list? Share your rainy season food ideas with us. 

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