Amiya Raya Hillside Villas: Where You Can Enjoy Staying Home and be With Nature

Staying at home has become the norm for this year...and people have been quite resilient in finding ways to cope with the set up. Hobbies like baking, gardening, and workouts have been dominating the social feeds of people. Indeed, this pandemic has made us realize the value of coming home to a safe space, where you can feel safe and comfortable doing the things you love and spending it with the people you care about.

The Hillside Villas take advantage of Amiya Raya’s natural terrain to build distinct hillside homes that will give its homeowners a truly unique and pleasant experience.

Community Creators had this vision in  its thinktank when conceptualizing Amiya Raya, fusing the beauty of nature and modern technology to create living spaces that offer solace, luxury and convenience. Amiya Raya is a master-plan resort community development located at San Mateo, Rizal, a location close enough to the city, but in the midst of nature’s wonders such as the majestic Sierra Madre mountains as well as the serene waters of Laguna de Bay. 

This year, Amiya Raya expands to the hillsides with the Amiya Raya Hillside Villas. This is in addition to the lots and  ready-built houses that they already offer. Only five, spacious, luxury, multi level homes will be offered. These creations are uniquely built, each one offering pleasing aesthetics, functionality, longevity, and comfort to its dwellers. 

A villa  in Amiya Raya Hillside was designed to complement and highlight the nature surrounding it, taking in elements present in resort living, and making them present in your own personal abode. The result is a home that’s functional, but at the same time unique, relatable, and visually pleasing. Natural light as well as breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes are incorporated into the design. Also exclusive to its residents are living amenities, either  a pool, an outdoor recreation area, a courtyard, or a family room. 

So, come home to nature, come home to Amiya Raya. 

Community Creators, Inc., the developer of Amiya Raya, will be offering only 5 of these unique homes, each one exclusively designed for Amiya Raya by MET Architectural Designs. The first Hillside Villa is set to break ground this coming November. Situated 240 meters above sea-level and enveloped by its natural environs, Amiya Raya offers resort-like living that is only a 15-minute drive from the city. It is located in San Mateo, Rizal, which makes it close to places of interests such as schools, churches, malls, and government offices. Visit their website or @AmiyaRayaOfficialPage on Facebook for more information on this highland development. 

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