Great Discounts on Metro Sunnies in Shopee 8.8 Sale

Since summer was cancelled this year due the pandemic, but instead of feeling sad and lst about it, why not make use of the spare time preparing for the next summer escapade you envisioned to have with your family and friends? In Shopee's 8.8 Fashion Sale, there are tons of items that you could choose from in their most affordable price!

For some eye protection, get your hands on these dual-purpose MetroSunnies eyewear that automatically adapts to your environment and gives you a safe and trendy look wherever you go.

The MetroSunnies Con-Strain PRO Photochromic lens darken when exposed under the sun giving you UV400 protection and will turn back to its clear or primrose color when you go back inside. All this while giving you blue light protection and keeps your eyes safe from macular degeneration.
Perfect for long hours of screen exposure, the MetroSunnies Con-Strain PRO Photochromic lens can be your protection from harmful effects of mobile gadgets, laptops or television sets. You can easily say goodbye to eye strain and can even have an undisrupted sleep at night.

MetroSunnies Con-Strain PRO Photochromic lens protect one's eye from the blue light, which gives high-frequency light wave between 380 - 485 nm. It is emitted from the digital screens of smartphones and computers.

MetroSunnies Con-Strain PRO Photochromic lens is now available in Shopee for only PHP1,250 and available in two colors: Rose Gold and Champagne. Every purchase comes MetroSunnies Designer Pouch and Microfiber Cleaner

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Happy Shopee-ing!

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