Start Your Own Home-Based Food Business with Technolux

These unprecedented times call for adaptation, whether in one’s personal and professional life or in financial affairs. For instance, there are lucrative home-based ideas that can help supplement a loss of income and prepare you for the long road ahead since there is no telling when this pandemic will end.

Technolux, the country’s largest importer and distributor of a complete line of food service and small wares for over four decades, offers versatile kitchen equipment for businesses, home cooks and just about anyone probing for an additional source of income during the pandemic.

More people are turning to cooking and baking their family recipes and creatively concocting dishes for people to buy. And most have been successful since ordering food online and pick-up and delivery services are now the trend, people being wary of unnecessarily exposing themselves to infection when they leave their homes.

One reliable kitchen machine from Technolux is the Convotherm Combi Oven. It can roast 20 chickens at the same time in just 30 minutes enabling you to cook more and thereby, earn more in no time. No long queues, no tedious waiting. Customers can be served promptly. And because of the oven’s combi steamer feature, chicken is consistently roasted perfectly providing a juicy and moist dish.

For those interested in selling fried chicken, the Dean Gas Fryer is your best choice. Reliable, easy to use and very affordable, it is a wise investment. You can set one up in your home or garage and fry chicken that is crispy and cooked all the way through, a comforting dish during these uncertain times.

Another business idea from Technolux is investing in a Manitowoc Commercial Ice Machine. Sell ice within your neighborhood and supply milk tea shops and other food and beverage stores. It’s a cool venture that promises hot profits.

A crisis necessitates creative thinking and solutions. Give your life and your earnings that extra push.

Contact the following to know more: Norell Ortega for Manila ( 0917-8673910/; Oliver Pantastico for North/South Luzon ( 0917-5488860),; Jimmy Soco for VisMin (0917-5585017), or

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