Bayad Center’s BAYADnihan Campaign Makes Bills Payment More Meaningful

While most utility and loan companies have announced extended due dates for bills payment in consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic, those who are able to still pay on schedule can contribute to the spirit of bayanihan and help their fellows in need while still managing their finances responsibly.

Even the simple act of paying bills can be a way to help disadvantaged individuals and communities through Bayad Center’s “BAYADnihan, Tulong-tulong para sa Bayan” campaign.

This is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative where a portion of payments settled from March 1 to April 30, 2020, at any Bayad Center branch or using the mobile app is donated to One Meralco Foundation.   

The funds raised will be used to distribute food for the homeless and underprivileged families whose plight has become more challenging with the threats of the health crisis and economic impact of the enhanced community quarantine.

In support of the endeavor, Bayad Center employees are also pledging a part of their salaries to generate funds and further the cause.

Through the “BAYADnihan” campaign, settling and managing their monthly financial obligations has become more meaningful as it opens up an avenue for the paying public to make a positive contribution to communities in their own humble way.

The biggest and most trusted multi-channel payment platform in the Philippines, Bayad Center stays true to its mission of making payments convenient and accessible to all, and more meaningful, in this time of crisis. In fulfilling this commitment, it also fuels communal solidarity among Filipinos.

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