5 Ways You Can Give Back to ’The Good Guys’ in Your Community

Times of uncertainty have a way of bringing out the best in people. During such times, ‘the good guys’ come to the fore. Apart from the medical frontliners, who definitely are at the top of the list, there are also the rest of ‘the good guys.’

They are your security guards, receptionists, janitors, housekeepers and maintenance personnel. Their work is not as dramatic and as headline-grabbing as the medical frontliners, but they keep you provided with the basic services that you continue to enjoy despite the current disruption.

Across SM Development Corporation (SMDC) communities, residents are banding together to give back and show appreciation to these good guys. 

“If not for them we wouldn’t be able to keep the peace and cleanliness of our building, so it’s very important to take care of them,” Aileen Reyes, a resident of Shine Residences in Pasig, says.

There are many things you can do to show your appreciation for your ‘good guys. They do not take much, as many of them can be done within the comfort of your home. 

“We are lucky here in SMDC because a grocery and a pharmacy are found right on the ground floor. I am sure many of us want to help in any way we can but accessing basic goods and services might be a challenge. I am glad these retail spaces are found within my home,” says Mike Pastor, an FMCG executive and a father of two who resides at Light Residences in Mandaluyong.

Here are five easy ways to give back to your Good Guys:

1. Express your gratitude.
A simple note of thanks, a ‘thank you’ greeting, a salute, a clap – there are many things you can do to make them feel you value them and what they do for you. Take a photo of them, post your ‘thank you’ on social media, and tag them. Or, engage your kids and ask them to express their gratitude through drawings and hand these cute gratitude cards to them. They may not mean much to you, but these thoughtful gestures of gratitude provide inspiration to keep them going.

2. Share a meal. 
Lucky for SMDC residents, grocery stores are just an elevator ride away. You can purchase healthy produce and other cooking essentials for your next culinary adventure. Make it personal and prepare an extra helping and send them over to them. 

3. Support donation drives. 
Grocery, food packs, Vitamin supplements, face masks, gloves and other protective gear will go a long way to make life a little easier for them. You may share some of your available goodies from your pantry, order online or take advantage of the open retail spaces at any SMDC development. All the essentials – food, medicine and ATMs – are found on the ground floor.

4. Make the conscious effort to keep them protected. 
They are exposed to more people and to waste. Consciously ensure they are protected by keeping your distance from them and by practicing proper waste disposal. Place your used gloves and face masks in sealed plastic containers and immediately dispose of them. Call the attention of neighbors who do unsanitary things like spitting or coughing unprotectedly or throwing trash carelessly

5. Follow your community’s safety protocols. 
Not only will you be protecting yourself, your family and your community; you will also be helping them minimize contact with others and make their jobs a little easier by following rules that they have been tasked to implement.

“Whether you’re a unit owner or a service provider, we’re all in this together and we need to care for each other. After all, this is the home of the good guys,” Capt. Kim Cortes, a commercial pilot and a resident of Breeze Residences in Roxas Boulevard, says.

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