Italianni’s opens new Branch with Best Kept Secret Recipes

There’s no denying that Filipino diners are getting discerning more and more. The exquisite taste bud nurtured and enhanced by various influences has evolve to something that desires nothing but the best.

Italianni’s, an Italian inspired restaurant under the chains of restaurants of Bistro Group, takes pride of its exquisite ambiance and flavors that gives its diners that classy Italian dining experience they would love to enjoy again and again.

Recently opening its newest branch at the First Level of S Maison Mall in Conrad Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, Italianni’s brings back its Best Kept Secret Recipes that will take its loyal patrons and new guests to a memory lane that would enjoy to savor at every bite.

What better way to start a great dining adventure than to bite into those crunchy offering, and these Best Kept Secret Recipes include the amazing combo of calamari, shrimps, zucchini, and fish fillet collectively known as the Frito Misto. For a more exquisite start, include the Liver Pate on Buttered Bread - a tasteful appetizers that will set your appetite on fire. For a healthier option, one can indulge on this Romano Chicken Caesar Salad topped with a breaded chicken for some protein.

Italian dining wouldn’t be complete without a pasta dish, and for this dining experience, delight yourself with the Country Rigatoni Pasta, a mix of al dente pasta, Italian sausage, chicken, pancetta, cannellini beans, vegetables and Parmesan butter. For a more homey flavor, and my favorite, have the Salmon Pesto Linguini, which is loaded with salmon chunks, tomatoes, Parmesan and pesto cream. Seriously, if there's one dish you shouldn't miss - this is it!

If you love salmon like I do, indulge on their Poached Salmon - a nice larger chunk of salmon resting on a bed of carrots, broccoli, asparagus and herb tomato, swimming in delicious seafood stock.

Wrap up this heart-warming with a slice or two of their decadent cheesecakes. Oh, and don't miss to try their mocktails, which is set to refresh your palette every now and then.

If you haven't been in Italianni's for a while or if you are craving for something homey, heart-warming and truly delicious, now is the time to pay a visit to our beloved Italianni's and indulge on these Best Kept Secret Recipes.

Happy eating!

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