Century Park Hotel hosts Miss Earth 2019 National Costume Competiton

Century Park Hotel (CPH), one of the finest hotels in Metro Manila, recently hosted the festive Miss Earth 2019 National Costume Competition  at its Grand Ballroom. Glamoured by almost 90 delegates from various countries, Miss Earth candidates paraded in their most colorful and significant national costume for the competition.

Miss Earth 2015 Angelia Ong, Miss Earth 2018 Nguyễn Phương Khánh 
and Miss Earth 2017 Karen Ibasco

More than 300 guests witnessed the visual spectacle of colors and movement as this year's Miss Earth candidates strutted their way on to the international stage showcasing their rich heritage and culture through various costumes and gown.

Divided in four segments: the Africas, Asia and Oceania, Americas and Europe, the competition is one of the most-anticipated and most celebratory pre-pageant contests.  Relevant environmental issues like forest fires, recycling and climate change were integrated in the costumes.

The event was made possible in cooperation with Carousel Productions, Inc., the official organizer of Miss Earth. Guests from the government sectors as well as ambassadors from different countries were also in full attendance.

The winners in Best National Costumes per region were as follows:


Gold – Kenya, Ms. Susan Kirui
Silver – Zambia, Ms. Venus Vlahakis
Bronze – Nigeria, Ms. Modupe Susan Garlan

Asia and Oceania

Gold – Mongolia, Ms. Azzaya Tsogt-Ochir
Silver – Philippines, Ms. Janelle Tee
Bronze – Vietnam, Ms. Hoàng Thi Hanh


Gold – Chile, Ms. Fernanda Mendez Tapia
Silver – Panama, Ms. Marianna Fuentes
Bronze – Peru, Ms. Alexandra Caceres Drago


Gold – Spain, Ms. Sonia Hernandez
Silver – Czech Republic, Ms. Klara Vavruskova
Bronze – Crimea, Ms. Anastasia Lebediuk

Former Miss Earth winners  Miss Angelia Ong (2015), Miss Nguyễn Phương Khánh (2018) and Miss Karen Ibasco (2017) graced the affair and awarded the medals to the winners.

The international pageant will be held on October 26, 2018 at Cove Manila at Okada, Manila.

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