No Problem with GCash!

In this day and age where we live in a fast-paced environment, the hassle of going through establishments for a transaction, such as money transfer, can mean spending wasted time lining up, filling up forms and waiting for the network to get you through.

Picture this: you take a jeepney going to bank, get a number or input the details of the nature of transaction in a computer, queue up while filling up the form for deposit to a regional bank account, and wait till the bank teller calls you.

But wait, there’s more. You get charged for depositing money to a savings account which branch is outside Metro Manila.

All told, you’ll lose a lot of your precious time for such chores that you could have used for other equally important errands.

Good thing GCash is here and has gone a long way from just being a mobile wallet.

This new innovation in the way we transact money - in this case transferring money with GCash Money Transfer service - is short of a miracle, a lifesaver in times of emergency or petsa de peligro. In just one push of a button, it’s done!

GCash Money Transfer literally lets your fingers do the walking - or sending - for you, anytime, anywhere. It’s so convenient and accessible, all you need is a smartphone and the GCash app.

If you’re transferring money to GCash from an international account, choose from one of the remittance options. GCash has partnered with money transfer channels such as Western Union, Moneygram and AlipayHK, which are popular among overseas Filipino workers.

For over-the-counter cash-in, there are 15,000 partner outlets you can choose from that will accept transfers to you GCash account. Remember, choose only one.

Doing online banking is also easy. There are 36 banks from which you can choose from to link your bank account and GCash. It’s so easy you can transfer money anytime. To top it all, the cash-in limit is P50,000 per day.

Not only that. My GCash app allows me to pay my bills, buy load, send money, invest and save.

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