Summer Toy Fest in Estancia at Capitol Commons

Summer is all about doing anything that you love, and Estancia Mall at Capitol Commons in Pasig City makes this season more fun and enjoyable for kids and kids-at-heart with the launch of Summer Toy Fest last weekend.

A weekend full of amazing collection of toys, gadgets and everything that made your childhood oh-so-awesome - Summer Toy Fest gathered some of the metro's favorite toy shops, hobbyists and even cosplayers to give fans and mall shoppers a weekend to relax and relive their childhood memories.

Happened at the center bridge, 2nd Level of Estancia Mall, mall shoppers get to enjoy looking around, purchasing and having their photos takes with their favorite cosplayer character. I just saw Avengers: Endgame that weekend, and seeing Iron Man at this Summer Toy Fest was a real treat for me.

Aside from dining and shopping, Estancia Mall visitors got to relive their childhood through some of the wonderful and remarkable toys and favorite cartoon characters from the the '70s, '80s and even manga hits from the '90s to present. I personally had a great time exploring and getting some new toys from the Toy Fest with my friends. And though it was not as astounding as the other toy conventions, it's still nice to see some new and old toys from the invited collectors - who are even selling some of the of their priced possessions.

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Until next time, Summer Toy Fest!

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