Celebrate and Relax in Nasugbu, Batangas’ Newest Events Destination

When it comes to celebrating milestones in life, Tagaytay City has been a cradle to a lot of celebrations such as weddings, baptisms, private birthday parties and other social events that require good ambiance, lovely weather and amazing food. No wonder, from this top destination spot, a lot more promising venues root out to offer equally remarkable experiences. If Tagaytay sound passé to you, try driving some more minutes down south and find the breathtaking site of Kayama Mountain Resort and Events Place.

Located in Sitio Kaytuyang, Barangay Aga, Nasugbu, Batangas, a few kilometers away from the famous Calaruega Church, this cinematic and breathtaking site is ready to sweep off our feet with its refreshing and relaxing ambiance. I had a chance to visit this place a few days ago with some friends, and it was really a surprising site sharing a mango-tree covered garden area with a wonderful view of Mt. Batulao.

The Promising Kayama Mountain Resort and Events Place
Owned by husband-and-wife Engr. Joy Garces and Mrs. Vic Mariano-Garces, Kayama Mountain Resort and Events Place comes to life after the success of their first events place, the Ricarte’s Hill Garden Resort, which is situated just a few meters away Kayama Mountain Resort and Events Place.

“We named the place Kayama, as a symbol of our gratitude and love to the One who made all these blessings possible,” Mrs. Garces shared. “With the growing requests of our vendors and suppliers to establish a bigger indoor facility for events, our family started developing this one-hectare land, which now has suites and a chapel-like convention room that can cater to both corporate and social events,” she added.

During our visit, we were fortunate to witness the first-ever event in their events place, which was the 18th Birthday Celebration of the couple’s unica hija, Andrea. Prepared by Moments & Milestones Events by Fionna and Faye, the events place turned into a heartwarming and welcoming site that were enjoyed by all guests. 

I am personally delighted to see how the place can easily be transformed into something that suits anyone’s preferred theme and design. The main event’s place, which is the pavilion, features glass walls that lets natural light comes in and shares a stunning background that could be more romantic for wedding celebrations.

The suites, which offers a classic yet relaxing vibe also share an infinity pool that can be a great spot for after party or relaxation after the rigorous celebration. But more than anything else, being the outdoorish person that I am, I really commend Kayama on how they manage to keep the natural terrain of the place keeping the mango trees and natural scenery goes well and offers a stunning view of this private property.

Parking? There’s definitely no problem about that, because with only half of this one-hectare property being developed, there’s an ample space for suppliers and guests’ parking needs.

Soon, Kayama promised to add more exquisite and fun but relaxing features that can be enjoyed even by those people who just want to escape the crowded cities.

“After we are 100% finished with this first part of Kayama, we will add more rooms for accommodations so that more people can enjoy this venue. We want everyone to take a piece of this heaven so that we could all keep appreciating our natural resources. We will also add more exciting features so that family and groups and enjoy our new place.” Mrs. Garces said.

A Peek at Ricarte’s Hill Garden Resort
Prior to visiting Kayama Mountain Resort and Events Place, our group visited first the Ricarte’s Hill Garden Resort, the family’s first accommodation and venue rental, located along Daang Pulo, Barangay Aga, Nasugbu, Batangas. 

Unlike Kayama Mountain Resort and Events Place, Ricarte’s Hill Garden Resort takes pride on its garden setups. During my stay here, I appreciate how they made this place so naturally serene with numerous trees and flowering plants all over the place. The romantic ambiance made more meaningful and picturesque through the addition of well-positioned pavilions, patios and design elements that made this events place sought-after, especially by those who prefer private gatherings.

Ricarte’s Hill Garden Resort features small pools in its main cabana as well as an ample parking for guests and suppliers. Though, the surrounding environment is more of residential properties, the Garden Resort offers a secured and safe environment making one’s stay or celebration worthwhile.

Both Kayama Mountain Resort and Events Place  and Ricarte’s Hill Garden Resort partnered with establish and respected line of suppliers from event coordination, catering, photo and video coverage, and even additional electricity requirements. 

For inquiries and bookings, you can visit Kayama Mountain Resort and Events Place Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/KayamaMountainResortandEventsPlace/. You can also get in touch with Ricarte’s Hill Garden Resort through their official website, http://www.ricarteshillvenue.com/, and through their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/RicartesHillGardenResort/. Both properties can also be reach through 0917-849-5765.

Congratulations, Kayama Mountain Resort and Events Place, and thank you for the warm welcome and relaxing ambiance!

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