Lourd Ramos Gives Birth!

In the advent of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Youtube, there's no doubt that finding new breeds of talents is way, way easier than before. But Lourd Ramos, one of the country's top hair stylists, entrepreneurs and industry leaders, looks for someone extraordinary and will not just be a face in the crowd but rather a force that our local scene will recognize.

(all photos below are courtesy of Creations by Lourd Ramos Salon)

January 30, as everyone is busy finishing up their first month of 2019, Lourd, along with 9-female and 16-male models aspirants gather up at Creations Salon in BGC Stopover, Taguig City for the finale of New Faces, New Forces: CreationDoMenation. Armed with industry's top caliber personalities, photographers and make-up artists, the first cycle of New Faces, New Forces is one of Lourd's breakthrough projects this year, nurturing new breed of personalities for beauty and fashion industry, as well as breakthrough project for content creation and media production for his Youtube Channel - Lourd Ramos TV.

"It's about time that our country and the beauty and fashion industry acknowledge the true beauty of our race and of our youth. This contest is not just a search for fresh new faces, but rather a call to our industry leaders to turn back their attention to our beautiful youth who wish to aspire more and serve as a role model in our society, hence the title New Faces, New Forces," Lourd shares.

Lourd Ramos

On the Finale Day, the 25 model aspirants got a chance to work with the industry's sought-after photographers, make-up artists and designers who shared their artistry and passion to the budding models. Mr. Louie Faundo, Esperat Photography and Haian Naya led the photo shoot, where the aspirants were tested and judged.

For the first category, there's the Sky Category, where model-aspirants strut for their profile photos along with the contest sponsors Viaje Sunglasses, Christopher Munar's Jewelry and Sonyboy Mino's 2019 Swimwear Collection. Second Category was the Jump Shot, where model-aspirants were tested on their agility, strength and power project. Third Category was Product Shot with Magnum Ice Cream and Naomi Ng's creations. And lastly, the last challenge was the Group Shot, where model aspirants were divided into two groups - Odd and Even group - wearing Mikee Andrei's creations.

The awarding and final scoring took place in Ascott Hotel in BGC, where they were judged by Miss World-Philippines 2018 Katarina Rodriguez, Metro Magazine Editor-in-Chief Ms. Geolette Esguerra, Art Personas CEO Mr. Ronnie Cruz, Celebrity Photographer Dix Perez, Ascott BGC General Manager Ms. Sue Ponnudurai and Youtube Vlogger Jessica Godinez through a runway walk and some Q&A's.

Out of the 25 hopefuls, eight names emerged and named Creations by Lourd Ramos Salon's New Faces, New Forces and will received a 6-month contract with Creations Salon and a number of generous prizes.

Here are the New Faces, New Forces winners:

John Renniel T. Marcos

Ricardo Aguilera Jr.

Roy Everett

Mark Besinio

Charie Mae Navarro

Erla Raene C. Garcia

Jeigha Marguerite D. From Vera

Carla Piscoso

Congratulations to Lourd Ramos for uplifting the image of our youth and for giving birth to a new revolution that our local beauty and fashion industry need and must have!

Congratulations and good luck to the new eight faces that hopefully will be on different billboards and advertisements in the metro. 

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