Savoring the Last Weekend of 2018 at Savoy Hotel Manila

Busy streets, rushing people all over town, Christmas songs heralding from one mall to another, and flickering, colorful lights all over. Holidays maybe over but our stay a few weeks back at the newly opened Savoy Hotel Manila in Resorts World Complex,  Pasay City is as vivid as the upcoming festivity we're about to celebrate.

Together with my three pretty nieces, Elaisha (5), Nickaella (13) and Nicole (18), I spent the last weekend of the Year 2018 at Savoy Hotel Manila.

Nestled just a few steps away from Resorts World Manila and Marriott Hotel Manila, Savoy Hotel Manila offers an artistic balance of comfort and luxury with its modern design and simplified accommodation that local vacationers like us, international and local tourists could enjoy and find convenience.

We arrived at the hotel on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Thankfully, the whole structure wasn't that large to get lost in, so I didn't really had a problem thinking about them kids. We were immediately accommodated and led to our room, which was located on 10th level of this 11-floor building.

I love how architecturally pleasing the structure is. Since it is located at the corner of Andrew Avenue and Newport Boulevard, it offers a triangular-shaped structure letting the middle part open for the sunlight to come in and give natural light to the swimming pool area of the hotel, which is situated at the second level.

Savoy Hotel Manila has a total of 648 suites, which is classified into four types - The Essentials (21-27 sqm), The Runway (35 sqm), The Deck (50 sqm), and The Space (47 sqm). We were booked at the Essentials, which was enough for us because the only plan that we had was to sleep, and maybe eat outside.

My youngest niece, Elaisha, can't stop adoring our room since she loves color purple. The artistic splash of colors in our room is what I we really need and got excited about this "staycation." Aside from that, the welcoming sweets was very personal that let me said "I found home in this room."

We spent a few hours in our room, until the kids decided to go out and take a dip at their inviting swimming pool. The swimming pool here is surprisingly big, which I think would be perfect for a pool party. The pool has an area for kids and adults. It has a Jacuzzi too as well as bar at the entrance and lounge area on the mezzanine floor.

On the same level, we also saw the Gym, Spa and Steam and Sauna Rooms. I'm too lazy to try and experience those that day, so by around 5pm, since we had a pre-arranged dinner too outside the hotel, I already asked them to go back to our room to change and prepare for our dinner.

Savoy Hotel Manila is parallel to Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3. So, aside from the locals, the hotels also served as home to a number of international tourists who are in transit to other parts of the Philippines or the world. The hotel provides free shuttle transport from the hotel to airport and back.

Our pre-planned dinner is actually located at NAIA Terminal 3 - yes, there's a decent and absolutely good restaurants there that you should try even ifh you are not flying in or out of the airport - Manila Life Cafe by Manila Marriott Hotel.

But instead of availing the Free Shuttle Ride, I took the girls on a walk for them to see see Runway Manila - which is a convenient and modern bridge that connects Resorts World Manila to NAIA Terminal 3.It only took us some 15 minutes of walking to reach Manila Life Cafe by Manila Marriott Hotel - and to be honest, it was so worth it.

After dinner, I decided to take the girls to Resorts World Manila to see their Christmas installations and to somehow check out the mall. It's their first time here, so yeah, we really went all around, played some games in the arcade, watch the chorale playing at the activity area, and even do some Christmas shopping.

Resorts World Manila is surrounded by a number of international-brand hotels, so as expected that weekend, a crowd of tourists were there enjoying the festivities and the Holiday cheers.

We would like to stay more, but the "Tito" in me says that it's starting to get so late. So, before I even start carrying one sleepy girl, I took the girls back to hotel and spend the rest of the night in our lovely and comfortable room.

Before sleeping the night away, since I brought fairy lights, I took some photographs of the girls with it. We slept side by side that night under our warm blankets and cozy, Queen-size bed.

The following day was a breeze. I and Nickaella availed the free breakfast, since the two are still sleeping. When we got back, Elaisha and Nicole are all ready to swim again. These kiddos are not breakfast people, so yeah, they weren't able to enjoy the Western-Asian breakfast buffet at Savoy Cafe.

By around 9am, we headed back to the pool, where a number of kids, mostly boys, are already having fun. It was then when Elaisha, the youngest niece, came over me to ask: "Kaya ba Savoy ang name ng hotel na to, kasi puro Boys?" I was lost at first, and then I realized that this 5-year-old girl thought that the hotel is "Sa Boy" (for boys in English). Hahaha.

We left the hotel at exactly 12 noon. The rain was pouring so hard, but my brother was there to pick us up and bring us back to our real home. I wish we could do this again soon.

Thank you, Savoy Hotel Manila, for that fun and colorful stay! Despite of having three girls with me, i was able to relax and get inspired by your visual offerings and outstanding service. Until next time.

If you wish to know more about Savoy Hotel Manila of Megaworld Corporation, you can visit their official website at You can also follow the on Facebook, and Instagram.

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