BAD Lab: Breaking Good Boys' Bad Habits

There's nothing new about men being more meticulous than women. At this age and time, don’t be surprise to know that most men have more grooming products than women. Come on, with facial hair to keep neat all the time, with skin that needs to be pampered and protected from sun, and scent that is way more important that the two - we're just thankful that there are thousands of grooming products now that are out in the market.

Last week, I was introduced to a brand that doesn't just aims to beautify men, but also to let them be "Brave and Daring" in proving that keeping men's look ain't just vanity anymore - BAD Lab

A revolutionary set of products that doesn’t go with the conventional way, Bad Lab or “Brave and Daring Laboratory” offers a straight-on, downright grooming solution for men who are not up for fuzzy-wuzzy excuses. 

“Man-gineered” for Filipino men, BAD Lab’s product ranges from head to toe such as the Caveman Cleaner 3-in-1, Mean Machine Sculpting Shower Gel, Pomade and Clay, Shampoo, Facial Cleanser, Scrubs and Moisturizers.

Being one of those conventional men who only uses a regular soap to wash my face, deodorant, and some perfume to keep me feeling cool and smelling good all day, trying BAD Lab for a week really levels up my regime. I just need to adjust my time to fit all of these in my daily routine, but thankfully, with the products’ fresh scent, rejuvenating effect and body-friendly ingredients, I won’t mind having these each day.

Most of BAD Lab’s personal care products, especially those for face and body, are composed of natural ingredients that can only be found in their line such as Dragons Blood extract, a unique ingredient from a resin of plant from Amazon that helps skin rejuvenate; Silver Citrate that serves as an anti-acne ingredient and inhibits inflammation and infections; Blue Stone helps reveal he skin’s radiance while providing it with natural nutritive minerals; and Cronodyn, which fights signs of skin fatigue and tones and firms skin.

Moreover, majority of their products are certified “halal” by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM), the only government body in the world with control over the implementation of Halal certification. This makes BAD Lab the first of its kind in the market today, a not common feature among skin care products in the market.

Right now, BAD Lab products are available online through, and

To know more BAD Lab and their products, you can visit their website at or you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Stay brave and daring this Holiday Season!

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