Yummy Halloween Treats from Costa Coffee!

Halloween is one of those holidays where foodies are triggered to be creative and create something gruesomely delicious that kids and kids-at-heart could enjoy. With the influence of the Western countries to us, I can't blame how everyone seem excited about Halloween. But if you don't really have much time to be creative this season, you can just simply visit Costa Coffee branches all  over the metro.

Last weekend, together with my Superfriends, on our weekly mall strolling, we dropped by at Costa Coffee in Robinsons Manila to try these cute, appetizing and spot-on Halloween treats. 

From pastries to drinks, Costa Coffee made sure that our sweet tooth will burst into happiness and joy starting with their hair-raising ice-blended concoction called Wicked Eye Frostino!

Wicked Eye Frostino

Ice-blended, greyish black, and luxuriously tempting, this sinful cup is a pure treat, no tricks. After all, it is Costa Coffee’s signature ice blended beverage that promises to deliver that feeling of delightful indulgence. What makes the Wicked Eye Frostino special is the fact that it’s infused with activated charcoal, today’s innovative ingredient that lends a murky yet sweet and creamy taste (with some ghostly hints of strawberry) in every sip. 

This is available from October 18 until November 2 at all Costa Coffee branches.

Dark Chocolate Cake with Pumpkin Topper and Red Velvet with Witch Hat Topper

For some decadent cakes, you can choose from their Blueberry Cheesecake with Ghost Topper, Tiramisu with Mummy Topper, Dark Chocolate Cake with Pumpkin Topper, Red Velvet with Witch Hat Topper and Milky Cheesecake with Frankenstein Topper.

Milky Cheesecake with Frankenstein Topper and Tiramisu with Mummy Topper

I super love Costa Coffee's Milky Cheesecake, but for this season, I must say that their Red Velvet with Witch Hat Topper took my attention and brought my palette to heavenly Halloween sweet treat!

So, what are are you waiting for? Halloween is coming! Make sure that your kids will find your sweet than scary this season! Boo-ya!

Happy Halloween!

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