Marichi Salon opens in Pasay City

When it comes to beauty and wellness, Metro Manila has a lot of space for it where ever you go. There's no community that you will not see a salon, a barber shop or even a massage parlor and spa. With the city dweller's busy lifestyle, don't be surprise that you see these establishments standing right next to each other. But how do you get to choose the salon that suit your much-needed comfort, pampering and budget?

More than just a hole in the wall, Marichi Salon, which is owned by Miss Lualhati Fausto and Miss Marissa Nebres-Sampayan, offers quality yet affordable services including Hair Treatments and hand and Feet Pampering.

During it official launch and blessing, where I was invited, I was immediately amazed as to how the people around the area are excited to have their chair and get the treatment that they want. Marichi Salon takes pride on the quality of beauty care products that they use on their customers. The salon has three staff - one who takes care of the hair treatments and the two for hand and foot pampering. 

Rates for hair treatment usually starts from Php300. For simple haircut, you can get a decent one for as low as Php50.00, while manicure and pedicure cost Php70.00 each service. Other beauty-related services are also available, just inquire from their staff.

Marichi Salon is located along A. Luna St., Pasay City, right in front of Philippine Pasay Chung Hua Academy, just a few steps away from LRT Libertad Station.

The Salon is open from 9 in the morning until 12 midnight usually. For more details, you can visit and inquire on the Facebook page, Marichi Salon.

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