King Sue’s Filipino Favorites: Got A Lot Of Local Love!

August, being National Language month, is dedicated to promote Filipino culture and heritage. You can celebrate it in your own way by patronizing local products. A good way to start is to check out King Sue, and enjoy them with your family and friends, any time of the day. 

Are your kids prepping up for the Filipiniana Costume Parade in School? Don’t let them go without eating their favorite breakfast food like King Sue’s Longganisa.

Another Pinoy go-to dish is King Sue’s flavorful Pork Tocino. Go the extra mile and serve it with salted egg, diced tomatoes, and lots of love inside your kids’ lunchbox. Or slip some slices of King Sue Chicken Tocino and kesong puti into bread slices for a delicious sandwich.

Family and friends would definitely drool over Beef Teriyaki, King Sue’s interpretation of a Japanese favorite, made to suit the Filipino palate. Slightly sweet and simple to prepare, it just needs to be pan-fried, then served with rice and mixed vegetables. And don’t be afraid to explore and experiment. Add it into soup (for that steamy “batchoy” goodness), lumpia (spring roll) filling, wraps and other Filipino inspired dishes.

Finally, perhaps nothing that can spell “Pinoy” better than the famous Sisig. King Sue’s take on this much sought after dish can be enjoyed as an appetizer, an entrée or pulutan (bar chow). Unlike queuing up in your favorite restaurant, King Sue’s Sisig is a convenient heat-and-serve version.

Loving and cooking local is a good way to celebrate August, especially since King Sue is a big part of Filipino heritage and tradition which we are all celebrating this month.

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