Northern Samar Sanggununiang Kabataan President Vows to Improve Literacy in His Province

The province of Northern Samar has long been besieged by challenges connected with poverty and armed conflict. This is unfortunate, as this area in the Eastern Visayas is blessed not only with bountiful natural resources, but also with hardy Nortehanons who dream of progress and prosperity for their families. Youth leader Elcid G. Abalon, who is the newly-elected Panlalawigang Sangguniang Kabataan president is one of those who seek a better future for the Nortehanons.

In his speech delivered at the SP Board room, in the presence of top Northern Samar officials such as Gov. Jose L. Ong Jr, Congressman Edwin Ong, and San Roque Mayor Don Abalon who is also the spokesperson for the LMP, the youth leader talked about implementing programs to provide more opportunities for the youth in his province to access formal and informal education. He asked for Local Government’s support to address the challenge of education, as he cites that there are many underprivileged youth in the far-flung areas of Northern Samar who are unable to read and write, and unable to get access to opportunities, aid and services, compared to those in the central townships. 

Elcid G. Abalon gives his privilege speech as Northern Samar SK Provincial Federation President

“We can be a bridge to these young Nortehanons. If it's hard for them to reach the government, then we need to reach out to them,” he exhorted. “We can be a bridge to these young Nortehanons, and in doing so, entrust a brighter future to them.”

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