Review: Tatiomax Glutathione Complex with Fucoidan

Busy work schedule, busy family schedule, and even busier weekends doing some other errands.

Since the month of June came flashing to my calendar, I can't help but to wonder, what the hell is happening?! It's my birthday month and I planned this month to be awesome and memorable, but its seems like the only thing left is something I never expect to happen.

Apart from all those dramas, I was supposed to have this twice a month derma schedule, but since my life is a shamble this month, I was left with no choice to miss all of those schedules, and worst, I wasn't able to maintain the treatment that I badly need.

Thankfully, food supplements such as Tatiomax Glutathione Complex is now available in the market, offering alternatives to people who needs it health, as well as it aesthetic benefits.

Well, there are a lot of gluthatione products and Tatiomax available now in the market, and I must admit that I tried some of them, and quite happy with its effect. But upon knowing the additional benefits that I could get from Tatiomax Gltathione Complex with Fucoidan, I don't see any bad reasons why not try it this time.

Just a little background, Tatiomax brand of premium quality dietary supplements was first introduced in the Philippines in 2008 by T/M Pharma Co., a pharmaceutical marketing and distribution company. It is the same company that first launched Tatiomax Gluthatione 1600mg. Tatiomax brand of expertly formulated dietary supplements are duly registered with the Food and Drug Authority (FDA).

Each bottle of Tatiomax Glutathione Complex has 30 softgel capsules, with 1800mg each capsule. Each capsule has 100mg of L-Glutathione, 200mg Vitamic C, 40mg Grapeseed Extract, 100mg N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine, 100mg Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen, 200mg Placenta Powder, 100mg Ste-Cell (fruits), 50mg Lycopene and 10mg Fucus Vesiculosus, which is 90% Fucoidan.

Aside from its advanced anti-aging formula, Tatiomax Glutathione Complex capsules are packed with powerful anti-oxidants which promote brighter, whiter and healthier looking skin. Some of the actual health benefits listed are detox support, immune booster, skin whitening, cell rejuvenator, and potent antioxidant. And since it has fucoidan, which is a type of polysaccharide found in seaweeds that has been researched for its anticancer effects, Tatiomax Glutathione Complex may help people who are suffering from osteoarthritis and cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Researching about fucoidan, I found out that this polysaccharide may help with osteoarthritis symptoms, protect brain, stomach, liver, prevents clots and obesity, fight vriuses and malaria, serves as a protection against radiation, chemotherapy and help prevent kidney stones.

Currently, I'm taking two capsules a day, one in the morning and one at night, as suggested in the box. You can consult your physician first to make sure that if its okay for you to take this. But one thing I'm sure about, this dietary supplement is for adults only, meaning 18 years old and above. It says that it works five times faster than a regular glutathione-based dietary supplement, though I can't see it yet, but this gives me additional energy so far.

The only downside probably, is its size, it's quite big for a capsule - like an inch long.

To know more about Tatiomax Glutathione Complex with Fucoidan, you can visit it's official website or you can follow T/M Pharma Co. on Facebook.

One bottle of Tatiomax Glutathione Complex with Fucoidan is priced at Php1,500, but if you get two bottles, you can get it at only Php2,700. I suggest that you but it at a reputable drugstore nationwide, or, juts like me, you can order on via online:

Stay healthy and beautiful everyone!

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