Quezon Buffet Restaurant Brings Healthy Indulgence with Doña Elena Olive Oil

While the city is filled with dining options, the Quezon Buffet Restaurant located in Fisher Mall, Quezon City is redefining the standards for an all-you-can-eat tradition. Affordably priced at Php499 per head during weekdays and Php599 on the weekends, the menu is the point of pride of its Executive Chef and Partner Kalel Chan.

Featuring a traditional Fil-Hispanic cuisine prepared with a modern twist, all the dishes feature the great tasting and health-giving qualities of Doña Elena Products (olive oils, canned tomatoes, and olives) as it steadily becomes a go-to destination of families and friends. Chef Kalel Chan ensures that in every dish he prepares, quality is never compromised. In the latest menu offering of Quezon Buffet Restaurant, selected dishes were cooked using the high-quality Doña Elena Olive Oils. 

Chef Kalel Chan

Predominantly known for its high levels of Vitamins A, E, and K and 80% good fat percentage (monounsaturated oleic acid) that help lower bad cholesterol, each drop of Doña Elena Olive Oil brings flavor that’s a sure-fire way to enhance the dishes’ taste. It’s no wonder the Quezon Filipino + Spanish Buffet Restaurant chooses Doña Elena products in preparing these next-level spreads. 

Dulong Angulas Al Ajillo with Crostini

Start your course with a flavorful appetizer of cooked baby eels. Prepared with Doña Elena Pure Olive Oil, garlic, and chilli; along with baby shrimps, fresh herbs, and lemon for an added touch of tartness; partnered with crunchy crostini on the side to contrast the soft and juicy sensation of the dish.

Aglio Olio with Spanish Sardines

Oil-based and creamy without being overpowering, the tasty combination of Doña Elena Pure and Extra Virgin Olive Oils prove to be an ideal combo to mellow out a rich and strong taste. Lavished with the aromatic grilled pimiento, garlic, and sardines, every bite proves that it only takes few but quality ingredients to make a simple and satisfying dish. 

Paella Rice

In search for a hearty and festive paella? Quezon Buffet Restaurant might be the answer to your cravings. Slow-cooked and guaranteed no short cuts involved, Chef Kalel also keeps his recipe both tasty and nourishing with Doña Elena Pure Olive Oil. From the homemade chorizo to the assortment of seafood and spices, this slow-cooked recipe is something no certified paella lover would ever want to miss!

Chorizo Gambas

Easy-to-whip up and packs tons of flavor, this dish is even made more special with its in-house cured chorizo as part of the mix. Sautéed in Doña Elena Pure Olive Oil with garlic confit and smoked pimiento, the result is seriously punchy shrimps and a sauce that’s ready for sopping up w/ a plain bread. 

Olive Oil Rosemary Cake 

Presenting a plenty of interplay of flavors beginning with rosemary, black and green olives, the recipe is enhanced with the volatile taste of Doña Elena Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  A rendition of the banana cake that’s ideally enjoyed freshly-baked, this version is finished off with a glaze made of vanilla and confectioners’ sugar for an extra dose of sweetness. 

At Quezon Buffet Restaurant, every visit is guaranteed that you won’t fall into a buffet boredom. Best of all, it’s a delightful destination if you’re trying to eat healthy. No short-cuts and consistent with its standards, you’ll never look at buffets the same way once you’ve tried Chef Kalel’s feel-good, fully-stocked Doña Elena-infused dishes without breaking the bank.

Quezon Buffet Restaurant is located on the 2nd floor of Fisher Mall in Roosevelt Avenue, Q.C. For inquiries or reservations, contact (02) 2812345, (02) 3666078, or 09176 QUEZON.

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