City of Dreams’ Ruby Jack’s launches new Menu

Just when you thought the steak scene in the metro couldn’t get more better, City of Dreams’ famed exquisite steak destination, Ruby Jack’s Steakhouse and Bar, once again fires up its kitchen with new set of sumptuous dishes complementing the wondrous and appetizing meals they offer in their first store in Tokyo, Japan. Get your fangs out, and those discriminating palate ready with Ruby Jack’s Steakhouse and Bar new menu.

Chilled meats hanging on the glass window, well-polished tables placed alongside long leather upholstered banquette, and a long counter bar complete with Jean Prouve designed bar stools, these what greeted me upon entering Ruby Jack’s Steakhouse and Bar, which is located at the second level of City of Dreams. Not that I’m expecting any less, but their dashing manager, Mr. Thiago Harada,  welcomed with a smile, and sat me in a long table where the rest of my peers are waiting excitedly for the new dishes that will soon fill up our tummy.

I must admit, when you’re ageing, you’re interest to food that take time to digest tends to get low, but if you are presented with a perfectly aged steak – a  20-Day Jack Daniel’s Argentinian Ribeye, to be exact - by Chef  Matthew Crabbe, you’ll just drop your jaw, and start picking up the silvers need to cut your way through. Haha!

This is my first time to try an aged steak and to my surprise, it is far from what I’m expecting. If you’re as old as I and love – and I mean, really LOVE – cheeses, especially blue cheese, you’ll definitely enjoy this one. A little pricey due to quality, but this is one steak experience that I will never forget. Until now, its taste lingers in my nose and mouth. So, yeah, I craving for it again Haha!

In fact, it was too simple - a simple, medium rare steak, pinking and smelling good, but once you put it in your mouth, the blue cheese aroma will put you high, and the next thing you’ll know, you’re not just having a slice of it, but two, or in my case, three slices. Hahaha! It was too simple yet very sumptuous.

In a sit down lunch, where I was invited by Ruby Jack’s Steakhouse and Bar, which was led by Chef  Matthew Crabbe, Managing Director and Tokyo partner, we where informed how this preparation of steak is making its wave in Japan.

"We want to bring the best of Ruby Jack’s Steakhouse and Bar here in the Philippines and we thought that this is the perfect time to do it given the growing interest of the local market to high-grade meat and luxury dining in the metro," Chef Matthew shared.

Prior to presenting their succulent offerings, the team of Ruby Jack prepared our palettes through their unique take on salad and appetizers.

Summer Salad - Php400.00

Ruby's Caesar Salad - Php650.00

We were presented with two types of greens that day - the first one is popular in Tokyo, the Summer Salad. Fresh greens, with poached prawns drizzled with creamy ponzu or Japanese's version of citrus-based sauce. The next salad is Ruby Jack’s famous Ceasar Salad. Both are good for sharing, and good enough for 2-3 persons.

Lamb and Pork RJ Made Sausages - Php450.00

For appetizers, we were delighted by these two homemade sausages served in sizzling plate. These comes with caramelized onions to balance the sausages spicy-salty flavor. If you are craving for a great, Persian-kinda tasting sausages, these will surely satisfy your taste buds. 

Chef  Matthew Crabbe in action

Aside from the aged Argentinian Ribeye, which I shared earlier, Ruby Jack's also delighted us with their equally salivating char-grilled meat matched with complementing side dishes, which most of us find justly apt for the flavor, aroma and tenderness of the said steaks and chops.

Fried Hand  Cut Potatoes (Php250.00), Truffle Bacon Mac&Cheese (Php700.00), Wagyu Enhanced Steak Rice (Php300.00)

Double Lamb Chop - Php1,400.00

45-Day Dry Aged Australian Prime Rib

Ruby Jack’s new menu also features seafood, sandwiches, and desserts that kids could also enjoy. Then, there's also their great selection of wine and cocktails that are set to give your that outstanding steak-cation here at City of Dreams Manila.

To know more about Ruby Jack's you may visit their website or you may follow them on Facebook

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