Potipot Island Trip: Beautiful Island with Crazy Friends

It’s been three years since our first trip, and more than a year since our last one beach trip – if there’s one thing that I just want to say out loud upon seeing them, I miss you all my #TeamGoPro!!!

Thanks to Ina Castro for this Drone Shot!

We’ve been to Marinduque, Quezon, Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, accidentally to Masbate, and now back here in the beautiful province of Zambales. Last 2016, we explored the islands of Anawagin, Nagsasa and other nearby islets, and a few weekends back, we drove up to Candelaria, Zamables and boat our way to the white-sand beach island of Potipot.

A privately owned island resort, Isla de Potipot as what they call it, offers a convenient and relaxing island vacation with amenities that will complete one’s beach trip. A five-hour drive from Manila, Isla de Potipot, despite of the development they made to it, remains beautiful due to its clear water, white-sand beach and stunning sunset that will sweep you off your feet.

A perfect place for short getaway from Manila, Isla de Potipot shares four types of accommodation for their guests’ convenience -  the basic nipa hut (Php2,000/night), open cabana (Php2,000/night), modern tree-house type nipa hut (Php2,500/night), and for those who are in for some adventure, the tent.

Our group had the Modern Tree-House type nipa hut and rented a tent since there was seven of us. We opted this accommodation mainly because it has electricity where we could charge our gadgets, a dining table, mattress and bedding.

Shared comfort rooms and bathrooms are available within the vicinity, as well as grilling stations, volley ball area, and playing ground. For those who wish to have their meals at the island-resort, a restaurant as well as sari-sari stores are available too, though prices are higher than the usual.

When we got there, there were a good number of resort staff that assist their guest. A sticker bracelet will be provided to each guest upon paying the entrance fee - Php300 per person on off-peak season, and Php500 on peak season.

I must say that I find everything organized, well-kept - even the public comfort rooms - and trash were collected every once in a while. Just a reminder, though, alcoholic drinks are not allowed in the island, so if are coming in with bottles of alcohol, sorry, Isla de Potipot is not the island for you, guys. But if you are looking for a great place for team building, they have obstacle course that is just perfect for your activities.

Guests like us booked our boat transfer online, and the very helpful Ate Hilda Loyzaga helped us from boat transfer to the ingredients of the food that we will prepare at the island. If you wish to contact her, her number is 0909-1260245. Our budget for trip is around Php2,500 per person including food, accommodation, boat transfer and gas.

Lastly, don't forget to catch the beautiful sunset at the beach, a perfect photo opportunity you should not miss when visiting Potipot Island.

Since we had the Modern Tree-House, we need to surrender and vacate the place by 12:00 noon, but they allowed us to stay longer until later afternoon in beach area using our tent and the free tables around the place.

Oh, I wish we have more time to spend together. With this bunch, no boring moments and tummy-aching, laughter is expected. So glad to travel again with you, #TeamGoPro! When will be the next one? :-) If you are asking about our itinerary, check out below:

Day 1
05:00 - Pick-up at Balintawak, Quezon City
05:00 - 10:00 - Travel to Candelaria, Zambales
10:00 - Arrival at Candelaria, Zambales / Relax / Buy Food / Boat Transfer
11:00 - Arrival at Isla de Potipot / Check-in
12:00 - Lunch / Swimming / Photoshoot
07:00 - Cook Food / Dinner / Play Cards / Bonding
23:00 - Lights Out

Day 2
08:00 - Wake-up / Breakfast / Swimming / Photoshoot
12:00 - Lunch / Check-out / Transfer to Beach Area
15:00 - Leave Isla de Potipot / Boat Transfer
15:30 - Back at Candelaria, Zambales main island
16:00 - Travel Back to Manila

If you wish to know more about this travel, just leave a comment below.
Happy summer, everyone!

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