Family Portraits and Beautiful Memories in Ilocos Region

Ilocos was the first farthest province I have visited in the Philippines, aside from my family’s hometown in Pampanga, Pangasinan and Tarlac. Ilocos was the first province that made me realized how beautiful our country is, and thought me how amazing our local delicacies are.

It has been five years since my last visit to this province, and seven years since my first visit. However, unlike before, my visit this time is with family, something that I know I will cherish more than ever.

On-board Hi-Ace Grandia van with 15 of my extended family members, our family availed the group package offered by Sabrina Beach Homes in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. This will be my second time in this quaint but very homey and accessible accommodation in Pagudpud. We opted their offer mainly because their accommodation is located a few steps away from Saud Beach - a pristine, white sand beach in the western part of the province.

For the package trip, we paid Php2899 for each adult. The two kids, ages 2 and 5, are free of charge. The team of Sabrina Beach Homes gave us their suggested itinerary, but since we're allowed to customized it according to our liking and capability, we tweaked it a little. This package tour comes with two-night accommodation with breakfast at Sabrina Beach Homes - one dormitory room with private CR, which is good for ten persons, and one family room with private CR, which is good for four persons - round trip air-con van transfer from Manila to Ilocos and back, driver, diesel, parking and toll fees.

Saud Beach

We left Manila at around 10pm. We thought we'll be in Vigan at around 6 in the morning, given the usual 8 to 10 hour-drive from Manila to Ilocos Sur, but to our surprise, thanks to our really good driver and the easy access made by NLEX, SCTEX and TPLEX, we stepped out of the Heritage City of Vigan at around 4am. Hahaha! Good thing, the Jollibee branch there operates 24/7, so instead of wandering around the still-sleeping famed heritage town, we ordered our breakfast meals, while containing the excitement of exploring the province.

Most of my companions are first-timers here, so you can really feel the energy bursting from them. After our hearty breakfast, our group decided to head back to the capitol area to see and walk around famed street of Calle Crisologo. I was surprised to see that there where some souvenir stores that are already open that early. There were a number of tourists going around the street also, whom we assumed traveled by land from Manila just like us.

Calle Crisologo at 4a.m.

With my sister, mother and niece

Since our first day was packed with must-visit places and we have to drive up to Pagudpud, where our accommodation is located, we just spent a few minutes at Calle Crisologo to head on to our next destinations such as the Vigan Cathedral, Burnayan, Baluarte, Juan Luna Shrine, and Marcos Mausoleum.


Chavit's Museum at Baluarte

Juan Luna Shrine

Marcos Mausoleum

Before heading further north, we visited the UNESCO World Heritage church of Paoay, where we also had a sumptuous lunch at the nearby Herencia Café -  our first real Ilocos meal for this trip! Yay!

Paoay Church

Our final stop before reaching our destination was the Malacanang of the North.

If I have to compare what I experienced before to what I saw on this trip, well, I miss the old province where you can really feel the natural, authentic old city of Vigan and its neighboring tourist destiantions.

View outside Sabrina Beach Homes

We reached Sabrina Beach Homes at around 4pm. Upon arrival, since most of us were already tired from the long travel, head straight to our respective rooms to rest, while some of the young ones, ehem, including me, went straight to the beautiful Saud Beach to enjoy the white-sand beach and the very dramatic sunset of Ilocos. 

It was really beautiful.

Sunset at Saud Beach

The very accommodating Sabrina Beach Homes treated us for a free dinner and, little did we know, they prepared an Ilocano feast for us, which is something we will never forget - EVERYTHING WAS SO DELICIOUS!

Bagnet, Dinuguang Ilocano, Pinakbet, Batac Longganisa, Poqui-poqui, and my always favorite Ginisang Monggo!!! OMG! Aside from clean rooms, warm accommodation and great location of Sabrina Beach Homes, it's their food that makes me coming back here!

That night, all of us went to bed dead tired, but couldn’t be more grateful for all the comfort that this trip could give - really, thanks to Sabrina Beach Homes for arranging our trip!

My Favorite Free Breakfast: Batac Longganisa

The second day of our trip composed of visiting nearby destinations in Pagudpud including Paraiso ni Anton, Patapat Viaduct, and Bantay Abot Cave. And since everyone enjoyed the dinner last night, we just went back to Sabrina Beach Homes to have our lunch. We ordered the same set of meals for this lunch, but we requested additional Bagnet because, well, Bagnet is Love when in Ilocos. Hehe.

Paraiso ni Anton

Patapat Viaduct

Hanna's Beach

View at Cape Bojeador

We took a little rest before heading to next destinations: Bangui Windmills and Cape Bojeador.

Another favorite of mine about this family trip of ours is getting some wonderful family portraits.

Family is love, and family, no matter what happens will stay as family. Let me share to you some family pictures that we had while celebrating the beauty of Ilocos Region.

Our last night in this beautiful province was enjoyed privately where we just enjoyed chatting and playing around. This family vacation is something worth remembering and treasuring. This reminds me of the saying : Memories Made Together Last a Lifetime.

On the last day of our vacation, we made our last stopover at Vigan again to see the Heritage City in daylight and to grab some pasalubong for our friends. If only we could stay like this forever, we will, but we have to go back to reality and work hard - or even harder - for our next trips. That is something I am really looking forward right now!

If I'm not mistaken, this is the first time that I'm sharing a lot of stuff about my family, and it feels so good. I might keep my blogging this way for now.... 

If you wanna avail of this amazing trip that we had, you can contact Sabrina Beach Homes at 0916-591-5857. Or you can check out their Facebook at

Right outside Sabrina Beach Homes

I hope you are having a great time with your family too this season!
Happy summer, everyone!

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