Capture life, unfiltered, with the Galaxy J7 Pro and J7+

Looking from a wider perspective, life is one big photo album – consisting of priceless moments that we will always treasure and look back to. Each memory consists of different people and stories that will live on through the years, so it’s always best to make each moment count by capturing it beautifully, as it is, in breathtaking quality with the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro and J7+.

As technology becomes more advanced by the day, we have come to appreciate this as well, with social media turning us into a snap-happy generation that captures every memory no matter how big or small – through selfies, wide shots, close up shots, and even videos! In fact, we’ve also equipped ourselves with various accessories that will make it easier for us to creatively document everything, such as selfie sticks, portable ring lights, detachable lenses, and photo-editing apps.

However, a lot of emerging new photo-editing apps are growing to be a necessity for all our photos, especially for those we post on social media, and rightfully so. We edit our photos for all the right reasons – it may be for adjusting brightness, making the colors more vivid, removing unnecessary elements, or most especially, changing filters. 

While adding extra filters won’t hurt every once in a while, it’s also good to appreciate the rawness of each moment through our photos, and sharing it with the people we love in its truest form.

For the Galaxy J7 Pro and J7+, filters are the least of your worries. With the Galaxy J7 Pro’s 13MP rear autofocus and front-facing camera, and the Galaxy J7+s’ 13MP + 5MP rear cameras and 16MP front camera, each moment is set to be documented in the best quality possible. 

Lighting condition won’t also be a problem with its great night camera that captures all the best parts of the evening. So whether it’s a photo of you with your friends on a sunny day, a rare photo of the sunset, or a special family dinner photo, the Galaxy J7 Pro and J7+ assures you that all your favorite memories are ready to be printed and posted as it is – no edits needed.

The Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro and J7+ in Pink is now available in the Philippines. To know more, you can visit the Samsung Galaxy Studio located at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig or visit our websites, or log on to

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