Inspiring Ketogenic Lifestyle with Juana Change

“The change has to start with me. So, pinangatawanan ko yan!,” said Juana Change.

From the grueling and unimaginable 275 pounds, Mae Paner, who is more popularly known as the advocate Juana Change, has lost more than 100 pounds already since she started Ketogenic Diet. Surprised by the wonders of this new-found eating regimen, Juana Change considers herself not just a political advocate now but also a health and wellness promoter.

After an TV interview that went viral online and reaches more than 5 million viewers, Juana Change cannot believe herself that she has touched hundreds to thousands of lives to take on a big leap and start living a healthy life. "One time, may nagsabi sakin, ikaw naman Juana Change, ang dami mong pinupunan, at kung sinu-sino, pero hindi mo man lang mapuna yang sarili mo. Parang sampal sakin yun. Sabi ko sa sarili, oo nga naman, bakit hindi ko simulan ang pagbabago sa sarili ko."

Considered as one of the faces of Ketogenic Diet in the country now, Juana Change is currently promoting the goodness of  the famous high-fat eating diet, wherein I got to see and meet her in person: “I lost 102 pounds. Biruin mo yun, natanggal ko ang isang tao,” as she jokingly pertains to pounds she lost when she started taking Keto Diet.

The 5 C’s of Keto Diet
During the Ketogenic Diet forum, which was co-presented by Minola Premium Coconut Oil, together with groups of people who are promoting and practing Keto Diet, Juana Change happily shares her triumphant battle against her weigh-loss problem.

As she shares how she combined Consciousness, Commitment and Consistency to pursue this new lifestyle, Juana Change was so glad to tell how she was able to Connect to other lives by simply connecting to herself and taking the Keto. “We all have our reasons for doing what we do. We are doing this to connect to a bigger reality. We all have a bigger content – a loved one, a family, and in my case, I am an advocate and I want to live,” she shared.

“All diets are effective, but can you sustain your diet? I believe that the diet you will use to get to your weight goals should be the same diet you will continue to use to maintain your health. And to be Ketogenic is it,” Juana Change said.

While still pursuing her social responsibilities as a true-blue Juana Change, on the side, she is promoting and sharing her journey to a healthier lifestyle. In one instance, while doing her grocery, Juana Change told us that a very elegant woman approached her to tell her how she got inspired by her transformations and asked her help to check if her grocery basket is Keto ready.

"Huwag na po kayo mag-canola, maám. Mag Minola na lang kayo." And while to most, they consider that rice is life, for "Ketogenics" like Juana, Coconut is life. Being one of the premium brands in the supermarket, just like other Ketogenics, Juana Change uses Minola Premium Coconut Cooking Oil on her daily food preparation.

Minola Premium Coconut Cooking Oil is a vegetable oil and does not contain cholesterol. It does not cause obesity because coconut oil is not stored in the body. And just like mother’s milk, coconut oil is considered a healthy food because of its MCFAs medium chain fatty acids (C6, C8, C10) as well as lauric acid (C12). 

Minola Premium Coconut Oil has zero transfat and does not contain cholesterol. And because it is considered as a vegetable oil, Minola Premium Coconut Oil, like any pure coconut oil, naturally solidifies under 30 degrees. This will not affect the quality of the cooking oil as it immediately liquefies when heated as well as when consumed since the body’s temperature is at 36 degrees.

The Future of Keto Diet
“Think Wellness. With Keto I celebrate life." 

That's how Juana Change describes her Keto journey. And though she believes that she has still a long way to achieve her desired weight, with wellness encapsulating her vibrant and pleasant persona now, she believes that she'll be able to reach it in no time. "Keto might be my Formula One race car, but I’m holding the steering wheel. I am the driver of my journey towards wellness."

Juana Change also shared that she's writing a book about her journey to wellness. And she hopes that through this latest project, she'll be able to inspire more people to live a well, happy and healthy life.

"Learn to love yourself, because life is too short. Be conscious, be committed, we have to be consistent, be happily connected because we all wanna change," she concluded.

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