New at Italianni’s: Global Fusion Dishes by Award-Winning Chef Josh Boutwood

The Bistro Group award-winning Corporate Executive Chef Josh Boutwood has recently created a new menu at Italianni’s featuring global fusion dishes.

From the exotic taste of India’s widely popular dish to hip Japanese pizzas, “Creations by Chef Josh” boasts premium flavors, featuring his take on popular fare from different countries and giving them a twist to take guests to a gastronomic tour.

Tandoori Chicken, one of India’s signature dishes, is made into a delicious topping. Italianni’s Tandoori Chicken Pizza is as exotic and as trendy as it looks – loaded with tender chunks of marinated roasted chicken, red onion, fresh cilantro and minted yoghurt.

Then off to Vietnam we go with the Saigon Vongole, fresh Manila clams & mussels steeped in fragrant Vietnamese broth.

If Japanese food is your fancy, Italianni’s got two options for you. One is the Okonomiyaki Pizza, brimming with mozzarella, gouda, bacon, crabsticks, cabbage, Japanese mayo and bbq sauce and katsuobushi.

The other is Uni Carbonara, fresh sea urchin spaghetti with smoked pancetta and edamame beans laced in a rich and creamy sauce topped with roasted nori. Talk about Japanese meets Italian cuisine. 

An Italian dish that is equally noteworthy is the Smoked Fish Strascinati Al Olio, al dente artisanal pasta made with hot smoked milk fish, garlic, olives and sun dried tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil.

Eat your way around different parts of the globe without having to leave Manila. Drop by at Italianni’s and partake of a world of premium flavors.

“Creations by Chef Josh” will be available from March 5, 2018 to June 2018 at all Italiannis branches (except in Cebu and Cagayan de Oro).

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