Maximize your Ketogenic Diet with Coconut Oil

It has been a year since I heard of this new diet that people are talking and craving about not just because it’s an effective weight lose diet but also you don’t have to make a huge adjustment in your eating habit. And though some are raising eyebrows on how a high-fat diet could be really healthy, a local celebrity, whom we’ve usually see on a noontime show, stepped forward and proudly admitted that he’s been in practicing Ketogenic Diet or Keto Diet.

I’ve been a firm believer of the idea that the best way to lose weight is to live a healthy lifestyle ever since, and knowing how Keto Diet has changed and keeps on changing the lives of the many, I can’t help but to be happy for the people who are benefiting from this newly discovered diet.

The Keto Diet
In my own understanding, Ketogenic Diet is a low carb diet that lets our body produce ketones in the liver to be used as energy. This natural process is called Ketosis, which initiates to help us survive when food intake is low. It is said that during this state, our body produces ketones that are created from the breakdown of fats in our liver. Contrary to eating something high in carbs, like rice, bread or crops, where our body produces glucose and insulin, which are our initial energy source, ketosis, is best reached when a person practice an intermittent fasting, which is normally a 12 to 16-hour of no food intake.

Dr. Fabian M. Dayrit

In the forum that I attended last weekend, which is co-presented by Minola Premium Coconut Oil, in Quezon City, Ketogenic Diet has been getting a lot of attention because it gives a high percentage of effectivity given that a person fully and properly maintained keto diet. According to Dr. Fabian M. Dayrit, a professor from Ateneo de Manila University, Keto Diet is done through starvation of carbohydrates, which lets out body reach Ketosis.

Coconut Oil for Keto Diet 
One of the most noted idea that was shared to us by Dr. Dayrit is that the benefits from the use of Coconut Oil in Keto Diet is categorized in three items: (1) Antimicrobial Activity, (2) Mitochondria, and (3) Immuno-modulation. 

Coconut Oil itself is not antimicrobial. The antimicrobial activity is activated upon hydrolysis of the coconut oil triglycerides, which releases the antimicrobial fatty acids, mainly C12 and C10 and the monoglycerides. Coconut Oil is high on Lauric acid, which is also found in found in human breast milk (6.2% of total fat), cow's milk (2.9%), and goat's milk (3.1%).
Coconut Oil improves mitochondria condition. Mitochondria are the major source of energy in most cells in the body, including brain, heart, liver, kidney and muscles. Without or less mitochondrial in organs can result to drastic organ dysfunction that might cause cancer, neurodegeneration, heart disease, liver and kidney dysfunction, etc.

Coconut Oil enhances our immune system, as well as improves the fat profile of our body. Through the use of Coconut Oil in one’s Ketogenic Diet, an increase in brown adipose tissue is observed, helping us to lose weight and helps as an anti-inflammatory agent in our body.

Dr. Dayrit finishes his talk by sharing the most effective way of doing Ketogenic Diet and that is through fasting and use of Coconut Oil in high-fat diet given the benefits that it gives to our body. Though he hopes that this lifestyle isn’t just a fad, he himself believes that through the proper way of performing Ketogenic Diet, everyone could have a leaner and longer future.

Why Minola Premium Coconut Oil?
Minola is considered a healthy food because of its MCFAs medium chain fatty acids (C6, C8, C10) as well as lauric acid (C12). Lauric acid, which is found in mother’s milk, provides protection against infections because of their anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.

Minola Premium Coconut Oil has zero transfat and does not contain cholesterol. And because it is considered as a vegetable oil, Minola Premium Coconut Oil, like any pure coconut oil, naturally solidifies under 30 degrees. This will not affect the quality of the cooking oil as it immediately liquefies when heated as well as when consumed since the body’s temperature is at 36 degrees.

The Ketogenic Diet and Coconut Oil Forum is held at Oracle Hotel in Quezon City last Saturday, Feb 24, an attended by a number of medical practitioners, people who are practicing a Ketogenic lifestyle and some bloggers.

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