15-Course Degustation, Make Your Own Gin & Tonic at Hotel Rembrandt’s The Penthouse

There’s something about classical names, fine dining and Quezon City that intimidate me despite of living in Manila for all my life. But there's also something about these things that I love and they lingers in my mind together with the feeling of grandeur, sophistication and fame. And with immortality that goes with these ideas and names, there is something that I wouldn't mind having or experiencing from time to time.

Quezon City, known as the City of Stars and the biggest city in Metro Manila, once again proved to me that there's always something about it that I will love over and over again. Along with some friends, a few weekends back, at one of the city's finest hotel, Hotel Rembrandt, I got to experience a unique and sophisticated 15-course lunch that I would certainly never forget in my life!

Hosted by Hotel Rembrandt's young but oozing with talent executive chef, Chef Chester delos Reyes Velas, our lunch was held at the hotel's newly renovated The Penthouse. A posh and sophisticated room fit for private gatherings and probably intimate parties, this place offers a convenient yet stylish ambiance equipped with mouth-watering dishes and drinks that suit to anyone's discriminating style.

Chef Chester delos Reyes Velas

Together with Artstream Hospitality Management Group, Inc.'s Director of Public Relations Miss Ana Mendoza and  Communications Manager Mr. Leo Maloles, our lunch was filled with colorful and delicious meals, fruity cocktails and amazing stories that made this experience truly remarkable and memorable.

Rosemary Scones with Spice Honey Php85.00

Cream Root Vegetable Soup - Php120.00

Vannamei Shrimp Roll - Php255.00

Deep Fried Anchovies - Php260.00

Just like entering a museum, The Penthouse displays an inviting vibe with classy and opulent furnishings that attract attention and appreciation. The start of our 15-course degustation marks that we are in for a great treat with aroma and taste that are set to satiate our tastebuds

It may look like your ordinary tempura, but the Deep Fried Anchioves was perfectly buttered, and comes with a complementing dip that pumped up its taste level. I'm highly recommending to everyone who's coming here at The Penthouse to try this. Aside from that, the Rosemary Scones with Spice Honey was equally good too, but a little heavy for a starter. We were informed that everything was made in their kitchen, and I can say that every dish was made with so much passion and love.

Roasted Carrot Salad - Php150.00

Braised Pork Cheek Gyoza - Php245.00

Shellfish Pasta - Php375.00

Our feast here at The Penthouse continues with more appetizing meals but this time, with show-stopping plating and colors. Those three dishes were like canvasses in real life that you won't dare to touch, but instead just appreciate it by just looking at it.

If you think that a salad couldn't be more attractive, take a look at that Roasted Carrot Salad - the nice contrast of citrus colors, toppled with pistachios, house-made Ricotta and citrus emulsion was a sunshine on a plate; if you think that gyoza is best eaten with the traditional Japanese's sauce, Ra-yu, look at the Braised Pork Cheek Gyoza, which is made of red cabbage puree, truffle soy glaze, pickled onions, chives and gyoza dumplings filled with pork cheek; and lastly, if you think that a seafood pasta couldn't more satisfying, that Shellfish Pasta will be the only pasta you'll crave for due to its satisfying flavor and aroma.

Make Your Own Gin & Tonic - Php230.00

Adding a little fun and excitement to our day, we were also able to try their Make Your Own Gin & Tonic, which is available at a reasonable price of Php230.00. They have a bartender who assisted us to get the best fruity flavor that suits our palette and style.

Pan Seared Salmon - Php390.00

Squid Heads - Php430.00

Duck Duo - Php585.00

8-hour Braised Lamb Shank - Php745.00

Certified Angus Beef Ribeye, Php2,125

The greatness of this place was unstoppable. With main course meals filled our view with more astonishing plating and captivating aroma and color, we didn't waste any time. The Pan Seared Salmon was okay, but the Squid Head was such a treat to my palette! It was actually my favorite among all of the dishes I tried from the main course. 

I'm not really a fan of duck, but the Duck Duo was tangy and light. While the 8-hour braised lamb shank was something I never thought I'd enjoy. It is something that made me so curious at the beginning and happy after I savored it.

And lastly, the Certified Angus Beef Ribeye - this is one dish that I find so perfect for intimate nightout with your special someone. The tender and perfectly seasoned Angus beef, was so heavenly and complements well with the garnishing.

(clockwise) Berry Pavlova - Php130.00, Caramelized Banana - Php205.00, 
Tart Au Chocolat - Php130.00

And despite of having a bulging tummy after all of those meals, of course, we reserve some space for dessert, and The Penthouse takes pride of these three chef's choice desserts that made this whole experience truly remarkable. The Berry Pavlova is a musty-try! I super loved it!

This experience made me realized that there's really nothing to be intimidated about classical names, fine dining and Quezon City and that even though a 15-course meal may sound sooooo damn overwhelming, but if you are with a fun group while having the best dishes in the world, adding extra pound doesn't matter anymore.

For room reservation, promos, and further details about Hotel Rembrandt's amenities such as The Penthouse, The Malt Room, The Lobby, and Sports Bar - you may visit http://hotelrembrandt.com.ph. You can also follow then on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you, Hotel Rembrandt! I can't wait to be back!

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