Snow Crystal White Tomato: The Only Natural Sunscreen Protection You Need This Travel Season

Aside from Holidays, -ber months are also considered as the Season of Joyous Travels. With this, I bet a lot of you are preparing for your escapades in different parts of the world. Preparing different outfits, buying different gadgets, and probably even controlling your diet to look good on photographs. However, I’m sure that some of us are also making sure that we are protected in different ways, such as having our reliable maps with us with detailed itinerary, having an updated insurance, complete travel documents, down to having a reliable kikay kit and to-go medicine kit.

Hong Kong Trip

Unknown to many, I’m kinda particular about my “kits.” Even though I’m staying in hotels with complete amenities, delicious food and luxurious products, I still use the toiletries that I brought from home and make sure that I have that familiar medicine, vitamins and food supplement with me - mainly because I’m not that type of person who likes to try different stuff when I go out.

Macau Trip

For this coming Travel Season, aside from my favorite fashion pieces, I’m making sure that I’m well equipped with products that will not just make me look good, but also will make me feel great. Aside from the usual soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, cologne, Vitamin Cs and  other energy-booster tablets, I’m bringing with me the Snow Crystal White Tomato.

Snow Crystal White Tomato Food Supplement

It was two years ago when a friend introduced me to the products of Snow. It was then one of the unpopular whitening brands, until endorsers Alden Richards and Marian Rivera share their experiences with the brand that it gained attention from different people from all walks of life. And now that they launches their newest product, Snow Crystal White Tomato, I know that a whole lot more will follow our suit in using this natural brand.

Snow Crystal White Tomato Soap

According to Vida Nutriscience, the maker of Snow Crystal White Tomato, this product will serve as a natural protection against harmful sun rays due to its “natural sunscreen” ingredients such as the combination of Phytofloral (800mg), L-Glutathione (500mg) and Bioperine that makes the combination of the first two more effectively.

Clinically proven to be an effective skin protector and whitening product, the unique Snow Crystal White Tomato contains some of the most potent ingredients that will give you a healthy white skin. The 800mg of Colorless Carotenoids (PhytoflORAL), which is derived from a unique breed of organic white tomatoes effectively whitens skin and reduces the signs of ageing. The 500mg of Kohjin L-Glutathione, which is one of the most powerful antioxidants that can be found in the market now, helps remove free radicals and repair skin for a healthy glow from within. While the Bioperine (Powdered Black Pepper Extract- Pipernigrum L) serves as the "bio-enhancer" or "Nutrient Absorption Enhancer", which helps the body in absorbing Phytofloral and L-Glutathione and using it a good way. This simply means that when nutrients and vitamins absorbed the right way, the end result is 100% astonishing.

Snow Crystal White Tomato Pore Moisturizing Toner

It is suggested that the recommended intake of Snow Crystal White Tomato is one tablet a day. Retailed at Php2985.00, Snow Crystal White Tomato is available at all leading drugstores nationwide. For more info about Snow Crystal White Tomato, you can follow them on Facebook and on Instagram.

Now that the weather is starting to be nice again, and the air is starting to get cooler, what are you planning to do outdoors? Where are you planning to go? Make sure that you are safe and equipped with necessary stuff in going out! Have a great trip!

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